Vanessa and Darren Stringer-MultiLine Insurance Agency Business Spotlight

The first Business Spotlight story for MultiLine Insurance Agency – Vanessa and Darren Stringer resulted in one of my most favorite stories, Vanessa’s journey from Brazil to America.. It was also one of the most widely read stories. Click for?Vanessa’s Story? And while Vanessa’s story is amazing, heartwarming and tells the story of how she became an American success story, it did not really talk about the insurance business or Darren!

I became a client of MultiLine Insurance when Darren and Vanessa checked rates for me and saved me significant dollars. They make the process simple and require a minimum of information to get started checking rates.

Everyone should get a free quote. You might find your current policies are in good order and your rates are great or you might save several hundred to several thousand dollars per year. Either way you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Darren and Vanessa believe in giving back. Because of their sense of responsibility within their community, they donate from their commissions to some of their favorite charities. As an example, Hope Center Indy is near and dear to Vanessa’s heart. As a young girl coming to America from Brazil, she knew how easily young women could be led into human trafficking. She is especially grateful to Hope Center Indy for helping women who have been human trafficked and sex trafficked. You could actually benefit the Hope Center by becoming a new client with Darren and Vanessa and mentioning this article.

Vanessa volunteers her time every Saturday with the Amplify Hope Program housed at Collaborate 317. It is an incubator for emerging non-profits. See the story?Amplify Hope – Massive Positive Social Impact. Vanessa and Darren see clearly how many charitable organizations are positively impacting the community and they will consider partnering with other non-profits for charitable donations as a result of new business with their insurance agency.

Darren and Vanessa are looking for referral partners. They have an impressive track record with mortgage lenders and real estate agents because they understand the need for quick turnaround and low rates for home buyers. MultiLine Insurance Agency understands fully who you are and what you do. Let them partner with you.

MultiLine Insurance Agency is a proud business advertiser in and Christian Community Connect.

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Polly Riddell writing under the pen name of G. Polly Jordan is The Story Teller. A freelance journalist writing business spotlight promotional stories and positively in love with telling the God stories.