Taylor Mechanical – Business Spotlight

Heating and Air Conditioning is in the blood of Todd Taylor. His grandfather started Taylor Refrigeration with the slogan ?You are in good standing with Taylor.? Since 1960 the name Taylor has become synonymous with a job done right especially in the field of Heating and Air Conditioning.

Todd Taylor started his own company four years ago after working 30 years for some of the biggest names in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC). In fact he was the original Class A license holder at Edwards Electrical and Mechanical where he performed commercial heating and air conditioning work for 16 years. The Class A license is the highest level of certification for professionals in HVAC which few can boast.

Todd Taylor – Tony Walker

A call to Taylor Mechanical for repair or replacement of your furnace or air conditioner will bring one of two people to your door. Todd as owner will answer the phone. Todd Taylor is the repair expert of the business and Tony Walker is the installation expert. With 60 years combined experience, there is nothing these two cannot handle. With only two seasoned experts doing all the work, they know the job is done right. There are no surprises from inexperienced employees.

Todd has an interesting business philosophy. I take my time and I won?t be rushed. After 30 years of being hurried and pushed, I can now do things the way I think they should be done.? This quality 2-man operation is in great demand which means it might take a little longer to get to you, but it will be well worth the wait.

On-Site Fabrication

How else are they a step above? Todd Taylor and Tony Walker fabricate by hand most all of the sheet metal and duct work used in the installation of a new heating and cooling system. Todd states ?fabricating all aspects of the duct system saves time and cuts costs and the savings are passed along to the customer. It also makes for an efficiently installed system.? Due to their low overhead from having no store front, office personnel or employees, they are highly competitive and generally beat most competitor pricing.

Proactive on Maintenance

Todd encourages homeowners to be proactive in maintaining their heating and air conditioning systems in order to keep the system running at peak efficiency. This helps cut gas and electrical costs and could very possibly eliminate a service call. Todd says ?be diligent in changing your furnace filter at a minimum of two times per year. Date the filter and mark it on your calendar for a reminder to change the filter. Check the filter monthly to see if the filter needs changed more frequently than every six months. Pets, dust and other factors can cause the filter to get dirtier faster. At the same time you change your filter, clean out the air return grate.? In older homes these are located at floor level and in newer homes they are located near the ceiling.

He also stresses to inspect the outside unit and keep it clear of leaves, grass, ivy and any debris that blocks air flow around the unit.Air conditioners work by taking the heat out of the house and blowing it outdoors. If the outside coil is blocked, the heat remains in the house and the coil uses more energy to work against a blocked coil and clogged filter. See DIY tips at ?DIY Maintenance

Annual Service

Todd recommends if your heating and air conditioning unit is over 5 years old, you should have it checked and serviced by a professional annually. The licensed technician cleans and inspects areas of the unit which should only be accessed by a professional. If your system has an automatic humidifier, the pad needs replaced once a year. The frequency for replacing the pad is based on how much scale and lime buildup accumulates based on the hardness of the water flowing into the system.

R22 Freon Phase Out by 2020

Taylor Mechanical believes in educating homeowners and a recent change by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) will impact all homeowners in the near future. The Clean Air Act of 1990 has phased out the R22 refrigerant (Freon) which has been used as the standard for the last 40 years. By the year 2020, there will be a complete ban on R22. What does this mean for the average homeowner? If your current air conditioning system runs on R22 refrigerant, it will ultimately need to be replaced with a new unit which uses a refrigerant called 410A. This refrigerant is environmentally sound and will not deplete the ozone layer. Todd states ?because this new refrigerant requires different lubricating oils and operates at higher operating pressures, the entire air conditioning unit will need to be replaced.Homeowners need to plan and budget for this replacement.

Customer Testimonial

Nothing speaks to the work ethic of a company more than a customer testimonial. My own heating and air conditioning system needed replaced three years ago shortly after Todd Taylor and Tony Walker started work as Taylor Mechanical. After interviewing many companies, I hired them to install a high efficiency gas furnace and new air conditioning system using the new 410A refrigerant. I was also tired of the dry house and static electricity in the winter so Taylor Mechanical installed an automatic humidifier. The complete system went in within one day. The work is meticulous and the custom metal duct work is nearly a work of art. Gas lines, water lines and electrical were affected. They drilled through brick for the exterior exhaust. Experience indeed matters.

Treated Like Family

It was not until I experienced a flood in my basement did I learn the extent of Taylor Mechanical?s integrity.Todd?s Christian faith is involved in everything he does. Two years ago my basement flooded from a failed sump pump. Todd was first on the scene to help me pump out a foot of water. He and Tony worked late into the night to rewire the electrical that tripped the breaker when water leaked in and hit the outlet of the sump pump. They installed two new sump pumps complete with a battery backup system. While they are not plumbers, they did rescue me in my time of need and looked after me like a family member.

When Taylor Mechanical calls it a day from fixing broken systems and rescuing damsels in distress, you can find both Todd and Tony on the race track sporting their restored old muscle cars.Call Todd Taylor owner of Taylor Mechanical for all your heating and air conditioning needs at 317-937-8273.