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Mom's are a necessary commodity
10 Years of Detachable Tails
Ahh…the Facebook 10 year look back.  Rod Stewart says, “every picture tells a story.”  “A picture is worth a thousand words” said advertising mogul Fred R. Barnard in 1921.  Let me give you a thousand-word tale of my detachable tails. …...
Mom's are a necessary commodity (2)
Old But Well-Maintained
It is January, it is cold, I am 65 and need a job…again.  My work as a notary and loan signing agent has dried up to nothing and I loved doing that job. I have never gotten a job by applying on some job board.  My jobs come through relationships. ...
Mom's are a necessary commodity (3)
2020 was one of the worst years until 2021 arrived.  Every day since January 6, 2021, “Insurrection Day,” my friends have dropped like flies as they either wrote me off or they simply died.  I made it a point to turn off the main...
Mom's are a necessary commodity (5)
Petrified Wood - 2021 Retrospective
Ringing out 2020, the worst year of our lives, we had high hopes for a new world in 2021.  Instead, we were fooled with a New World Order orchestrated by some very nasty people. Thus 2021 began my search for truth. What I discovered was in-depth knowledge...
Adventures of Flat Stanley in Indiana
Flat Stanley arrived at Polly’s house in Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday, October 29, 2021.  He was sent from Polly’s Florida family in Lake Placid to see what life is like in Indiana.   … StoriesRead More »
Emi and Zawadi
Sewing for Survival
My African family is sewing for their mere survival. Even the back story behind the story tells of their resistance and fortitude.
Telemarking Marriage Proposal
For weeks, I receive a daily telemarking call from BIS Insurance. It is a very friendly automated female voice. “How are you today?” she asks and I have tried everything to make her stop calling. The other day, while already having a meltdown,...
Something old, new, borrowed, BLUE
My God-Daughter Kirbie is getting married! I vividly remember the blustery day we drove to northern Indiana to attend the wedding of her friend Sarah. Kirbie had never even had a date (and that prom event in those six inch heels on her already 5’10”...
2020 Retrospective
How many people would say they thrived in 2020? Isolation looked good on me. I wrote a book, took control of my health, created a cook book and changed careers, again. New friends were made, exhilarating experiences were had and bucket list items checked....
Prayers to Move the Hand of God
At last we have leveled the playing field. Once a year the US has a Diversity Lottery to allow immigrants from around the world the slim chance to obtain the coveted United States Visa in order to immigrate to freedom. … StoriesRead More »
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