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Mom's are a necessary commodity (11)
Black Raspberry Jam
As a kid, we had every sort of berry bush but my favorite were black raspberries.  You can’t buy them in the store and most are in the wild.  I planted a black raspberry bush in my yard this year and had all of 2 berries from it.  My sister...
Mom's are a necessary commodity (9)
When the Electricity Goes Off
When the Electricity Goes Off August 2, 2012 I just stepped out of the shower and had half my eye makeup on when the power went out. When it did not come back on quickly I pondered my next course of action. Both of my jobs and my search for a future mate...
Up to the Mountain
The First Official Blog of My Writing Career – Novella (a long short story or a short novel) January 13, 2012 (Friday) NOTE: The photos did not transfer and this is an awful piece of writing and it will show the reader just how far I have progressed...
Can Use Anybody
God Can Use Anybody
It is not what we do for God, but what God does through us.  Most of us want a majestic purpose.  I have learned simply to be available and answer the call no matter how inadequate I feel or how poorly I deliver the message. Available for the...
Mom's are a necessary commodity (8)
Collard Greens and Mail Order Brides
Letters to Jordan-Collard Greens and Mail Order Brides My dearest Jordan, As I reflect upon the last 24 hours, I am convinced I had a very bizarre dream, the kind you awaken from and say “wait until I tell Jordan this!”  But alas, it is just the reality...
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