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Mom's are a necessary commodity
Mother's Day Across the World
Greetings flowed in from across the world.  For a woman with no biological children, I am blessed by children who call me mom. There is a universal need for mom’s.  You can fulfill a mighty need across the miles and the continents. All My Chosen...
Jerry Kids
Refugees-Who Cares?
As a last resort, I wrote a letter to the President of the United States asking for help for my refugee family in exile in Africa. After all, Joe Biden was very proud of one of his first executive orders made in February 2021 regarding the resettlement...
Cmon Man
C'Mon Man
Job hunting in January when it is cold and dark, when you are fat and sassy but “sassy” left the building and you are a deplorable or perhaps it is just a 65-year-old undesirable. My African son sent this message this morning, “mother, finding a job probably...
What a waste of time applying to the job boards for employment.  This never worked even when I was young and beautiful.  Now that I am old and eccentric with a lot of eclectic thrown in, it is impossible.  The problem is there is no job...
Geriatric Starlet
The Saga Continues
“Help wanted” signs are in every window but can an eccentric geriatric starlet find a job?  Let me tell you how the job search is going.  Monday, I had the interview where I had to find the 4th empty parking lot on the right before the bridge...
Mom's are a necessary commodity
10 Years of Detachable Tails
Ahh…the Facebook 10 year look back.  Rod Stewart says, “every picture tells a story.”  “A picture is worth a thousand words” said advertising mogul Fred R. Barnard in 1921.  Let me give you a thousand-word tale of my detachable tails. …...
Mom's are a necessary commodity (2)
Old But Well-Maintained
It is January, it is cold, I am 65 and need a job…again.  My work as a notary and loan signing agent has dried up to nothing and I loved doing that job. I have never gotten a job by applying on some job board.  My jobs come through relationships. ...
Mom's are a necessary commodity (3)
2020 was one of the worst years until 2021 arrived.  Every day since January 6, 2021, “Insurrection Day,” my friends have dropped like flies as they either wrote me off or they simply died.  I made it a point to turn off the main...
Mom's are a necessary commodity (5)
Petrified Wood - 2021 Retrospective
Ringing out 2020, the worst year of our lives, we had high hopes for a new world in 2021.  Instead, we were fooled with a New World Order orchestrated by some very nasty people. Thus 2021 began my search for truth. What I discovered was in-depth knowledge...
Adventures of Flat Stanley in Indiana
Flat Stanley arrived at Polly’s house in Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday, October 29, 2021.  He was sent from Polly’s Florida family in Lake Placid to see what life is like in Indiana.   … StoriesRead More »
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