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Southside Christian School is a hidden gem on the south edge of Indianapolis. Most likely you have not heard of the school as there are no funds for advertising, in fact there are barely funds for teachers and most of the teachers work for free or nearly free. Pastor Steve Nanney, school Principal says, ?we are all bi-vocational. We each have a paying job which allows us to volunteer our time teaching ?in order to give a Christian education to all those who seek it.Not equal giving but equal sacrifice.? Sixty-three children are thriving in classes limited to 12 students for grades 6 ? 12. There are 14 gifted teachers, a principal and countless volunteers who love Christ and these children.

Prayers To Serve More Students

The school is tucked in a wooded church campus sharing space with Faith Community Church on US 31 just north of Southport Road. Southside Christian School was established in 2012 and in the last two years, Principal Nanney has grown the school from 40 students to 63. They have capacity for 80 students and are praying for? more students who desire a Christ-centered school environment.

A Day in the Life

The school operates 4 days per week with Fridays optional for extra study and tutoring. The school day opens with prayer. Once a week they have chapel and the students are involved in all aspects of music including mastery of skills on the sound board. There are regular student-led devotions. Students bring their lunch to eliminate the costs of a lunch program. The school day ends with 15 minutes of all-school cleaning. The students and teachers take responsibility to clean the school. This teaches life skills and eliminates custodial fees.

Thriving with Attention

Students who were swallowed up in public school are thriving in this family centered environment of individualized attention. Principal Nanney says, I see students who were bullied in public school grow to love the family connection at Southside. We see students socially transformed and spiritually matured. If you love a kid, they will do a lot for you. If you put a kid in good soil, love and care for them, it is miraculous what happens.

The smaller class size of Southside Christian School lends itself toward college preparation. For students who choose not to go to college, there are 11 million jobs in the US that require a trade without a degree and students can take advantage of additional studies at Central 9 Vocational School. Southside Christian School helps students get ready for life with the goal to find God?s plan for each student. The curriculum and instructional resources meet the requirements for all Indiana High School students and is fully integrated with Biblical truth and principles of Christian living.

All Subjects Dipped In Jesus

For a small school, they offer an amazing array of subjects all dipped in Jesus. The standard Math, Science, English and History are taught in a way to equip the next generation to impact the world for Christ. Spanish and Sign Language are also taught. There is a Bible curriculum taught throughout 6th grade through 12th which addresses the world religions and prepares a young person for the world. Life skills are taught and include Cooking, Sewing, Crochet and Knitting. Space Port Indiana is offering Aerospace Science. Southside Christian has lawyers teaching Government and English. They have three pastors on staff teaching Choir, Music, Bible and Math. They have a shop building where students learn Electrical, Woodworking and Car Maintenance. The school offers a computer lab and a sports program to include basketball, volleyball and track.

Faith Based Tuition

Tuition is faith based and Southside Christian School welcomes everyone. The recommended donation is $300 per month but it is individualized for families and they have fundraising to help. Before writing this story, I attended the annual fundraising banquet.? It was an amazing night showcasing the talent of the students. Testimonies were given from students who told the stories of their own transformation as a result of being surrounded by the love of a Christ-centered family of parents who are active and involved, teachers who are selflessly giving and volunteers and donors who are extremely generous.

Teachers Who Care

A school visit on a Friday allowed me to talk one-on-one with several students. It is clear there is a close bond with the teachers who truly care and the small class size lets students excel. In a video interview three students summed it up this way ?they care about your education but yet they care about your life spiritually. They just care.

Numerous teachers drop a donation check in the offering box on their way in to teach for free. This level of care and commitment is a shining example of servant leadership.

A number of universities are partnering with students to acquire college credits while still in high school. Ask Principal Nanney how a Southside Christian School student can acquire an associate degree while in high school. Ball State, Franklin College, University of Indianapolis, Lincoln Christian (IL) partner with Southside Christian School.

How can you help?

Are you a believer who just now found us and want to help? Come on, Come in, Get involved!

Spread the word. Share this story.

Volunteer ? we have every sort of activity and fundraiser.

Sponsor a struggling family to ensure every child can have a Christian education.

Who do you know who might be a corporate sponsor?

No donation is too small. No donation is too big.


Invest in your child?s education and spiritual journey by sending them to Southside Christian School. Time ? Treasure ? Talent. We all have different talents and gifts as well as varying resources. In order to make it work, we must all work together.Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. I Corinthians 12:12.

Southside Christian School is a ministry partner in and Christian Community Connect.

Southside Christian School

Pastor Steve Nanney, Principal

6801 S East Street

Indianapolis, IN 46227


Polly Riddell writing as G. Polly Jordan is The Story Teller. A freelance journalist writing business spotlight promotional stories and positively in love with telling the God stories.