She Is Your Grandmother

Jerry is my friend living in exile in Uganda. He is a refugee who escaped the barbaric acts of the corrupt government officials in his homeland of DRC – Democratic Republic of Congo. Trust me, there is no democracy there. Through our many months of daily messages on WhatsApp, I have come to love this family who are my brothers and sisters in Christ. But one day, I actually became a grandmother to his children.


I was able to bless the family with $100 and this was a true miracle to them. See the backstory The $100 Miracle – Part 3. When David, the eldest child asked how it was that they were able to return to school, Jerry said these words just came out of his mouth. “Your grandmother in the US sent us money to put you and your sister back in school.” And that is how I became an instant grandmother. Jerry thought it was important for the entire family to meet me, so we arranged a Zoom session.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, before me was Jerry, his wife Zawadi, Jerry’s four children David, Hope, Joseph and Anna and I got to meet Jerry’s half-sister Emiliane and Tumaini who is an orphaned girl Jerry gave refuge to. And one by one, the children greeted me in English asking how I was. Let’s just say that a white woman is a rarity in their world. They never seemed to notice.

L-R Tumaini, Zawadi, Anna, Hope, David, Jerry, Joseph, Emiliane

Our Children Said What??

Jerry overheard his children talking the next morning, “Our Grandmother is very beautiful and Anna and Joseph look like her.” Jerry and Zawadi looked at each other with wide-eyed wonder not believing what they were hearing. “Jerry,” I asked, “are my grandchildren artistic?” Later that afternoon, I received a family portrait drawn by the oldest, David. The fat one in the middle is me their new white grandmother! David showed our differences based on our hair styles not our skin color. Interestingly enough, there are no smiles…yet. If you look, there is a figure that has been erased in the background. I know this is Esther, Jerry’s mother who has never been seen since the government officials (and two of her step-sons) burned down the family home and raped the women eleven years ago. I made a promise at that moment to Esther to look after her youngest son and get her family to freedom in America.

Mother of Twins

And in the blink of an eye, one family became two as my original story Jerry’s Story – Part 1 allowed two brothers to find each other after 11 years in exile. It is still too dangerous for the other family to be identified, so everything I tell you about Jerry, just multiply by two! I now have twin sons and 8 grandchildren. I know how Abraham felt when God told him in his old age he would be a father to many nations. I just became the Mother to refugees across Central Africa. People, please carefully consider each time you pray to God asking him to use you for “immeasurably more.”


This Would Make A Great Movie…

About this time, I submitted my stories about Jerry for movie consideration. My friend Dr. Mark Eckel put me in touch with Hosea Baxter who is starting a new Christian Media company. God urged Hosea to use my stories about Jerry as the first movie produced for Real Christian Media. This is an answer to many prayers but how do I write a movie script when we don’t know how the story ends?


The Ultimate Screenwriter and Producer

God has it all figured out. Every day that I am sharing instant messages on WhatsApp, I am now writing wildly to two African brothers, the words just roll off the page as God builds the story. These brothers are highly educated and come from a line of royalty as their grandfather was a King. As one of the brothers wrote “my enemies are weak compared to the hands of God and our children will live with their white grandmother in the United States. Polly, you were sent by God and we have favor due to the many prayers of our mother Esther. While our father had three wives, only the children of Esther were raised Christian and her prayers have prospered us in our education and business successes. I see that through you Polly, the line of King Namuhanzi will be reestablished again in Congo. Among our children, (now your grandchildren), one of them will return to Congo some day to become president of DRC. When God blesses, nothing can stop and now you have continued our mother’s prayers and we will be very blessed.”

Believe me, I could not have ever imagined this story. I am just trying to hang on for dear life keeping pace with two brothers who have a burning desire to come to America and change the world into a better place.


Two Jobs Desperately Needed

The purpose of this story is to find work for both.

Geologist – One is a Geologist and Mineralogist with 12 years of industry experience in mining operations managing the exploration and production departments of a high-tech industrial corporation. His expertise is in the discovery of new gold mine deposits.

Entrepreneur International Development – The other brother is a founding partner of two organizations leading and supporting the diverse refugee communities in Uganda and building peaceful and sustainable relationships with the host communities. He works on key issues related to education, capacity building, refugee empowerment, gender equality and he seeks to impact international development and humanitarian initiatives specific to the Uganda Refugee Response. He has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with accounting experience.


Don’t think for a second anything about this life is easy or reasonable. Money simply does not exist. Rent for the two room shack is over two months behind. While living this way, the brothers value education for themselves and their children and have somehow obtained it. In the throes of horror and in exile, they have excelled. They just need the freedom to work and not be shot at by those fueled by jealousy and hatred.


Virtual Employment

We could employ them while they wait. See our first business idea for those willing to help. The Business Idea – Part 2.


Assets to the community

Both brothers speak English, French, Lingala and Swahili. They are Christians of great faith in Jesus Christ, each brother is married and they each have four children. They are devoted family men and they would be assets to our community. They demonstrate strong family values and a work ethic of excellence.


Who Do You Know??

Who do you know who will offer a job in order for them to come to America? They will be absolutely no drain on the United States, but rather will be role models extolling for all to hear how America is the land of opportunity and for Christians, the land of milk and honey. Let’s work together to get them to the United States. They need a job. And with a job, all the rest will follow. This needs to be the NEW American way. Work hard, have much, expect no handouts. We desire one helping hand to set it in motion. I am offering what I have. Will you join me?


Role Models for Young People

These Africans who desire with all their heart to become Americans could be the role models to those youth born in the United States who call themselves African Americans who are busy killing each other instead of realizing America is the land of opportunity. With the right focus on hard work, education and faith, everyone can have a rich and fulfilling life.  



Polly Riddell writing as G. Polly Jordan is a storyteller connecting people and the stories they tell.


I am now also a grandmother to eight brown-skinned children who think I am beautiful.