What a waste of time applying to the job boards for employment.  This never worked even when I was young and beautiful.  Now that I am old and eccentric with a lot of eclectic thrown in, it is impossible.  The problem is there is no job that I want except this one.

I want to travel the southwest in an RV while helping old people who are trying to survive in retirement.  The award-winning movie “Nomadland” paints a bleak picture of a woman in her sixties, after losing everything, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad.  Yuck.  That is not what I am dreaming of.  I want a first-class rig with enough room for all my snake skin boots and fur coats.  Road trips on my own schedule while meeting people as God leads and then writing about it. That is the job description. This will require a philanthropic humanitarian organization who values old people and helps to meet their needs.  I have not found this job on Indeed.


At the end of a dismal week of job hunting, I needed a new approach.  I built a fire and sat down with God and asked for a word.  Six hours later my studies and prayers and praise resulted in one word – POWER.  Only God has the power to work this miracle.

He Designed Me

Let’s start with how the job market makes me feel now that I am 65 and still need to work.  There is no accommodation for the likes of a geriatric starlet like me.  But the God of all Creation DESIGNED me.  He made me this way, unique and attracted to the eclectic.  My appearance is a conversation starter.  If not the boots, it is the art designs on my fingernails or the bobcat wrapped around my neck or the custom leather lizard seats in my 10-year-old Subaru. Perfect strangers stop me on the street all the time to say they love my outrageousness.

I don’t own a navy blue suit. Would I wear a black suit to a funeral home, oh goodness no. A celebration of a life well-lived calls for pulling out all the stops. I can talk to anyone anywhere about anything. I was not born this way, but rather God developed this skill in me after I chose to belong to Him.  I am not going to apologize for the uniqueness in my outward appearance. God needs me for a special assignment requiring an attention getting appearance and the love of talking to people. Let me see myself from God’s perspective then I don’t care about jobs requiring a navy blue suit.

God has blessed me with a life that is full of challenges, joy, interesting adventures, divine connections all over the world with a relentless desire to share these experiences in writing.  He made me able to love and appreciate people who are very different from myself.  Some are refugees from Africa, some are refugees who live next-door. He is going to use every crisis, injustice and victory for His glory.

God did not give me any children of my own so that I would be free to be a mother to the motherless. He even let me be a grandmother to those that did not lack grandmothers because He knew I brought a unique experience to the lives of these girls that no one else could bring. He gave me a voice for the voiceless and He promised me I would empower the next generation to fulfill their destinies in every area and to stand for God’s righteousness in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation.

Surely if he brought it to me, He will give me the skills and provision to get the job done.


God gives me ideas, insight and vision in order to bring deliverance to many. He gives me things to say based on the way He allows me to see. He kept my ability to write intact when much of my brain function is lacking due to the head injury. He has allowed great adversity so I could relate and rise from it and lead others to liberty and freedom.


Why should I care what employers on Indeed have to say about my abilities?  I can do anything through Christ.  The quality of your life is determined by how effectively you use time.  There is no quality of life in filing out job applications and being rejected for a multitude of reasons. Why take a $13 per hour job doing something I despise when I have the power of the Lord behind me to propel me where He wants me to be.  I want to be a woman who represents a personal God to an impersonal world.  Will my faith give me the assurance I can wait for Him to act on my behalf?  Even when no money is coming in?

Moving the Hand of God

I never understood worship until I learned that praise and worship ushers in the presence of God in a personal and transforming way.  Timidly in the privacy of my living room, I encountered the Creator.  Whoa! I always know when God is speaking to me because tears flow. I have been crying for days.   Heaven responds when people pray and these prayers release the power, miracles and blessings of God. When we pray, God’s power is released and made available to bring victory and breakthrough into the most impossible situations. I never understood how my prayers must stand in the gap to save the next generation.

God Gave Me Vision

God put a burning vision in my soul. I have dreams and aspirations to help others. I used my own resources to do this until those resources ran out and now I cannot even help myself. God sent a messenger who delivered his prophecy in how this vision of mine will come to fruition with provision. He did it through a Skype session with a crazy guy in the UK. It is by far the craziest story yet which I will share in due time as all this plays out.

The greatest thing that can happen to you in life, the greatest source of empowerment you can have is when you discover your position in the prophetic unfolding plan of God. This will be your unique factor what you are anointed to do. He made me to accomplish good works in the earth according to His purpose. 

I have a vision for two world projects.  One is for old people everywhere from those born to roam, to those too sick to live outside an institution to those who just want to live their old age in peace with provision for all of their needs.  When we are not slaves to poverty, we can use all the best attributes the Lord has given to ALL of us to make the world a better place.  We can do so much more when we are not filling out job applications on Indeed.  I know what the wisdom of old people can bring to the next generation when they are free from strife and can come along side youth.

The other project is to save Africa through the two sons of Esther (their biological mother) who now call me their second mom.  I never understood why I was led to these two brothers who are as different as night and day.  Lord knows I NEVER want to go to Africa.  But I was just obedient in what God asked me to do to help them.  I gave food and education for the children to one son. I attempted to help the other to find a job (now I know why he was not successful in his job search!) That son is convinced God sent me to help them. He has not waivered in the years I have known him through the desperation and devastation he has lived. I shared the story of the prophecy and the means to the provision of the prophecy with him a few months ago. Through tears he said only God would take some worthless paper from Zimbabwe and put it in the hands of his American mother and use it to save them and Africa. He said “this is a strong message for us, your children, to prove that we are blessed.”

I received God’s promise with childlike faith.  He tells me to make the best of bad situations which is why I write humor when I am about to explode.  He tells me to stand with integrity in trials.  He encourages me to walk in humility before God and man and He gives me eyes to see everything in life from God’s perspective.


Habakkuk says this vision I have been given must be written, be clear and be motivating to those who read it.  He goes on to say the vision must be received with patience.  Oh dear, I am not doing very well in this.  The vision has an appointed time and it often is delayed and I cringe with every passing day when the vision is not delivered.  He has assured me this vision will be fulfilled.  But Lord, I do not wait well.  He says, “be still my child and know that I am God.”

A vision is a clear and precise mental picture of a preferable future imparted by God to His people.  Do you have a dream or an ambition of what your heart desires to do?  Something good and worthwhile which is not yet actually present? 

Write it on Tablets

Write the vision and make it plain on tablets that he who reads it may run.  Habakkuk 2:2

I have come alive at the realization I could complete all the desires of my heart to help all those around me to improve their lives and make their dreams come true.  I am giddy with anticipation.  Lord you have allowed everything to be taken away so that I can be ready for a new season and purpose and further appreciate your miracle when it comes. From exile and poverty to Queen, Esther (of the Bible) did not allow her background determine what God could do with her future.

Lord you are my new employer.  You have given me all the tests and evaluations and you know I am uniquely qualified for this role.  It only took 65 years to prepare me for a time such as this.  Lord let me through your great power set the captives free.  I have this vision burning inside of me and you promised to not let your people perish.  Equip me with provision for all aspects of this vision, in Jesus’ name. I will win this battle on my knees singing praises to His name.

Can you hear it? The sound of Heaven touching Earth. I am reading for the third time a collection of books by Michelle McClain-Walters about the women of the Bible-Deborah, Esther, Anna, Ruth and Hannah. Many of her ideas and commentary have resonated with me, appear throughout this blog and propelled me to great heights of faith that God will deliver on this promise. I highly recommend the series.

Polly Riddell writing as G. Polly Jordan is a geriatric starlet in need of employment. She connects people and the stories they tell.

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