Petrified Wood – 2021 Retrospective

Ringing out 2020, the worst year of our lives, we had high hopes for a new world in 2021.  Instead, we were fooled with a New World Order orchestrated by some very nasty people. Thus 2021 began my search for truth. What I discovered was in-depth knowledge of the war between good and evil that has been underway since the beginning of time with Adam and Eve and in earnest in the US since President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 when I was seven. 

As Covid-19 began its highly scripted and orchestrated dance, it was time for me to completely tune-out the fake news of the main stream media and tune in to what many might consider “conspiracy theories.”  If it turns out I am completely wrong in all my research and new beliefs, then you can write me off as your friend.  Oh, but wait, so many of you already have.

Eighty-five years before I was born and 95 years after 1776 when our great country was founded, I learned about a tea party reversal of sorts where the British and some other highly influential and corrupt European bankers took the US over by establishing a CORPORATION taking us out of Common Law and instituting Maritime Law.  The Act of 1871, Congress passed it, look it up. We did not seem to notice as we had been busy fighting the Civil War and we were also broke.  We were sitting ducks for this European “assistance.”  My great-grandmother Polly who I am named after along with my grandparents and my own parents had no idea we were being owned and ruled by an illegal CORPORATION.  We just did as we were told and everything we were told was a lie.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve came into play.  It was another act by Congress to “protect us.” The Federal Reserve is NOT part of the federal government but rather these Federal Reserve Banks are private corporations.  Guess who owns them?  The very same bankers who established the Act of 1871 turning the United States into an illegal CORPORATION run by some very powerful evil men and women.

Soon after, in 1933 President Roosevelt took the US off of the gold standard and demanded all people turn in all their gold coin, gold bullion and gold certificates to the Federal Reserve in exchange for paper money based on the value of gold the Federal Reserve now owned.  In 1971 President Nixon abandoned the gold standard completely by no longer converting dollars to a fixed rate of gold held in the Federal Reserve.  Fast forward to 2021 and we see how easy it is to print paper money that has no backing except the ink in the printing press. Now when you are out of cash, just raise the debt ceiling and print more money.

The connection of Gold and Greed to the destruction of the World Trade Center September 11, 2001 was a debilitating gut punch when I learned the truth.  Our own President, George W. Bush orchestrated this horrific act for the real reason to hide 2.3 trillion dollars stolen from the little guy and to move a lot of stolen gold and to hide the documentation and implementation of NESARA/GESARA which would make life fair and equitable for the average working person.  All the proof was in the Pentagon and the World Trade Center so it needed to be destroyed.

2021 revealed to me the depth of evil perpetrated on children for sadistic satanic rituals.  Pedophilia is the new normal and Adenochrome is the drink of choice for these cultists.  The pure evil perpetuated by the British Crown, the Pope, Washington DC and Hollywood is repugnant and reprehensible.  I have also learned a little bit about clones and body doubles.  No one is who they say they are.

It was not only a troubling year of truth research, but an equally troubling year of division over the Covid Jab and Presidential election results.  I am still looking for someone whose health improved as a result of the jab.  I see first-hand the ill effects in family and friends including the untimely death of too many to be coincidence.  I actually suffered a serious side effect from actually being in contact with someone who had the jab and it set off a hailstorm of effect in me (who did not take the jab.)


I am also looking for anyone whose life improved under the current “Resident” and Democratic regime. The controversy over both has divided friends and family irreparably.  My saddest realization is I learned that people cannot agree to disagree and continue to love each other.  I just get wacked with no discussion.

As 2021 progressed, my work as a notary and loan signing agent went from amazing to adequate to non-existent. I withdrew from all the organizations I once supported in order to redirect to a new purpose.  It took over eight months to get a concealed carry gun permit. Crime has escalated to epic proportions within 1.7 miles of my house on a daily basis.

I could no longer financially support my refugee family in Africa and this pained my heart deeply.  In a sentence, my brook completely dried up so I knew God was about to do a new thing. I am admittedly ill-prepared for retirement and my 65th birthday ushered in the complete assurance that God is my only solution.  I trust God’s word and His provision.  My dreams are immeasurably more than most would ask or imagine, but I know what God is capable of.

A few good things did happen

I want to travel the county in an RV, meet people, write stories and help others.  I have no RV and cannot afford one, I still have to work so I can’t be away for any length of time but I decided to use what I had and after watching 216,000 YouTube videos, I created an RV in my Subaru.  It was more fun to create it than camp in it, but I have some pretty funny stories I may get around to sharing. 

I bought all the guns I have dreamed about out of necessity thanks to the Citizen App who informs me daily that I live in a war zone. Crimson laser tracers and “the Judge” make me more secure.  Never give up the Second Amendment – the right to bear arms.  Some illegal government entity will one day decide it is for your safety for you to turn in all your guns.  Oh wait, they are already trying this.

God opened some very strange doors for me to meet people all over the world.  I learned about some worthless African currency which might actually help restore Africa and make those wrongs right. This sheds more light on why God got me involved with Africa in the first place. I learned a lot about foreign currency and my vocabulary enlarged to include such words as dinar and dong. RV has taken on new meaning and gives me hope that one day I may actually have a paying job driving around the country meeting people, writing stories and helping others.  I have hope for a better world once we awaken to what is really going on.

I learned so much about the fur industry and its roots in Greece and had the time of my life being part of a design project to revamp some of my old furs into extraordinary creations.

I had a blast designing the monument for my burial plot (even though I don’t plan to be buried.)

I finally got my entire family to join me at Iaria’s for a birthday celebration for all of them.  This only took 50 years!

A year-round winter wonderland is almost complete in my basement.

God brought me countless friends and new neighbors who have brown skin and their native language is not English. I have had countless conversations where neither party is exactly sure what the other one said, but we all know how that person made us feel.  I have been blessed by them and people are continuing to make me a grandmother to their children so I must be doing something right.

I had the opportunity to stand up for truth, honor and integrity at great cost to myself and God resolved and reversed the penalty. 


I am trusting Jesus for the biggest miracle of all time.  I have been blessed with many miracles since I put my trust in Christ, but what I am praying for and completely expecting to happen will be the perfect culmination to utilize all my life experiences, my love of helping people and the dreams of my heart.  I am indeed praying for immeasurably more.

On the other hand, maybe I am just a senile old woman who has lost my mind through the effects and knowledge gained in 2020 and 2021 and you will agree that “conspiracy theorist” is a good line for my burial monument.  Perhaps I will become homeless or will sell my house and live in a van in Quartzsite, AZ. If you must scorn me, defriend me, or write me off, for all my beliefs that might differ from yours, then so be it. I will miss you.  I can still love and care about people even when our beliefs, viewpoints, religion, language and skin color differ.  

I bought a piece of petrified wood for my 65th birthday.  It seemed fitting.  It reflects a thing of beauty as a result of the dying process. Petrified wood forms when plant material is buried by sediment.  Groundwater rich is dissolved solids flows through the sediment replacing the original plant material with beautiful stone like silica, calcite and pyrite.  These fossils are cut and polished into specimens of beauty.  The original structure remains but it is filled with a strong material that will not decay.  I liken this to what Christ has done in me.  He took some pretty rotten plant material and covered me with his love before I completely decayed from the life I was living.  He filled me with beautiful gemstones and gave me a firm foundation that nothing could wash away.   He can do that for you too.  I can introduce you.

Polly Riddell writing as G. Polly Jordan is a storyteller connecting people and the stories they tell.  I love fur coats, guns and fancy places.  I love meeting people from all over the world. I am trusting the Lord for the next great adventure.

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