And Then This Happened

The Christmas miracle of 2018 left the challenges of my past in the dust. A job perfectly suited for all my quirks and challenges had been offered. I became a “street walker” in one of the worst opioid counties in Indiana and my assignment was to conduct health interviews for research for an esteemed University in Indiana. The light, dressed in snake skin boots and a leopard print coat entered the darkness of poverty, hopelessness and addiction near the eastern edge of Indiana. Continue reading “And Then This Happened”

Machine Guns and Women’s Underwear

What do machine guns and women's underwear have to do with sending filmmaking equipment to Africa? My missionary friend saw my post from Walmart that I was buying crates to make a shipment to Africa. He sent me a warning that corrupt customs officials were confiscating items of value and holding them for ransom. It seems that white women traveling alone to Africa were targeted for this tactic. He recalled that my last crate of Christmas gifts for my African refugee family was transported by just such a white woman traveling alone. Continue reading “Machine Guns and Women’s Underwear”

Christmas in Africa in August

Not even a power outage could dampen the spirits of Jerry’s family as they eagerly surrounding a big red crate full of Christmas gifts from their American grandmother. The gifts went from Indiana to New Mexico to Uganda with a detour to the African bush and then made the journey to Jerry’s house via hours of public transportation through a torrential downpour. We planned a video chat so that Grandma could share in the joy of the moment. A cell phone that won’t hold a charge, a power outage from the storm and a flashlight was all they had, but it was still Christmas, in Africa in August. Continue reading “Christmas in Africa in August”

City Life West-Bryant Rhoades and Culinary School

Central Indiana Youth For Christ reaches young people in our inner cities to strategically pursue lost youth and develop them into leaders while engaging them in a life-long relationship with Jesus. We do this through an army of volunteers, ministry leaders, local churches and many other partners to provide sustainable youth and family ministry. Continue reading “City Life West-Bryant Rhoades and Culinary School”

Zephyr Neon Manufacturing Co Ltd

Over thirty years ago, on a business trip to Los Angeles, I was introduced to MONA, the Museum of Neon Art. Beyond fascinated and thoroughly mesmerized, at age 30, I returned home to figure how to become a neon artist. Neon manufacture requires fire, electricity and gases whose names appear on the periodic table (which scared me to death.)? Neon also incorporates physics and chemistry (which were my worst subjects in school.) I was scared and intimidated but it did not stop me. Curiosity won out! Continue reading “Zephyr Neon Manufacturing Co Ltd”

Africa-Civil War-Refugees…Who Cares?

Africa is the most corrupt continent on the planet. The plight of a refugee in Africa is seldom on the mind of the typical American. We are busy living our lives of freedom, running the kids to after-school activities, dreaming of our next sports car or planning our next vacation. I might consider myself willing to help others but I was certainly never ever thinking about genocide, civil war or exile in Africa. It was so unrelatable to my middle-class American life. Until Jerry connected with me on Facebook. Continue reading “Africa-Civil War-Refugees…Who Cares?”

A Place To Rest

I never rest. Not that I don’t want to, but there are so many exhilarating things to do and they outweigh the time allowed so I am always curiously learning new things, promoting charitable causes, rescuing refugees from Africa and then writing stories about it all. Selecting my “burial” site is just one more example.

Continue reading “A Place To Rest”

Dr. Mark Eckel Teaches “Christian Thought” at Indianapolis Theological Seminary

You are invited to attend a course my friend Dr. Mark Eckel will be teaching this summer called “Christian Thought.”??Your participation would be invaluable given your vocational pursuits. Your voice will speak to specific concerns for our day. Your interest in continuing to grow as a Christian cultural apologist will add a unique dynamic to the class. Continue reading “Dr. Mark Eckel Teaches “Christian Thought” at Indianapolis Theological Seminary”


At age 62, Mother’s Day took on significant meaning when I was adopted into the Bushi tribe in Africa. My new sons pronounced me Mwamikazi “Queen Mother.”? I have never been one to take the traditional path. In fact, I feel a little like Abraham when God told him in his old age, he would be father to the nations. Having no children of my own, I am surely an oddity. I have started collecting children and grandchildren in my old age. Continue reading “Mwamikazi”