Mother’s Day Across the World

Greetings flowed in from across the world.  For a woman with no biological children, I am blessed by children who call me mom. There is a universal need for mom’s.  You can fulfill a mighty need across the miles and the continents.

All My Chosen Children and Grand-Children

Kirbie is my God-daughter.  I was her first employer.  She was a caregiver for my guardianships.  She needed a mentor and mother more than an employer.  I have seen her grow from a teenager to a married woman.  We prayed for years for a godly man to be her husband.  God answered our prayers.


Her greetings came via Messenger, “Happy Mother’s Day to my adopted mother who took me in when I needed a mother and a teacher and is now one of my best friends.”

Jerry and family entered the scene in 2017.  He asked if I would write stories about refugee youth to help the young people to dream and be inspired.  Month’s of writing turned into family.


His message came via WhatsApp, “I want to remind you that life is not all about finances.  The great thoughts and prayers of prosperity, protection and the fear of God you say for us every single day of life, matters a lot and are working miraculously.  The Lord provided from afar, (from a place I have dreamed of since my youth, the USA) when you supported us for those years allowing me to work on a proposal for a Refugee led organization which was miraculously accepted and is now allowing me to provide for my family.  What I need the most from you, is your and your pure thoughts and prayers toward me.  It is more than enough. 

Through my writing, Jerry connected with his brother who he had not seen since rebels burned down their house.  His brother is a hunted man as he descends from a the lineage of a King and tribal madness is still ongoing. I call him Jonathan and he thinks I was sent by God to rescue the family.  Several years ago he inducted me into the Bushi tribe as the first white Queen mother.  From the bush, he sent Mother’s Day greetings.  He types, “God is doing miraculous things for my family.  I have ended my days of suffering and hope my moment has come now to live a normal life.  I still have faith that one day we will be meet before we die and God will do this miracle for us.  God sent us a white woman from America to send to us a strong message for us your African children, a miracle to prove that we are blessed.  God is great!

In 2020 I met Parvinder and Jashleen.  They owned an Indian grocery store and introduced me to amazing spices and curries.  They welcomed their first long awaited child, a boy named Aad a year ago.  On this Mother’s Day, they welcomed a daughter.  Aad and Anahat needed an American Grandmother as they have no Indian family in the states.  I am the one they picked.  

It was a beautiful Mother’s Day.  Mine is quite unconventional.  I have never met face-to-face my African family.  My emotional support is best expressed in writing (because we barely understand each other in our accents!)


The impact that one person can make in the lives of others with prayer and encouragement is limitless.  I encourage you to try it.  There are so many who could use a second mother. 

G. Polly Jordan is connecting people and the stories they tell. I have been blessed by children and grand-children across many continents. God picked me for this role and I praise His mighty name.