Green Pastures

I take on too much and when God sees I need rest, He does indeed MAKE me lie down.  In my case, when God makes me lie down, my green pastures include sending me to bed for 3 days unable to move but able to read. I have been at the foot of Jesus for the last few weeks. I was waiting on God and God was waiting on me. Today I was given peace that transcends all understanding.

Bargain Bible Books

20160321_205829smI started my latest $3.97 bargain book “What’s in the Bible – a tour of scripture from the Dust of Creation to the Glory of Revelation.” By R.C. Sproul. For two days I read and every page introduced me to a perspective I had never considered.  I was amazed.  On the third day an email woke me up at 8 am. Karen is encouraging me to write to Florida legislators on behalf of my wayward prodigal foster son.  I had already written to Indiana legislators as the issue is one of a Federal nature so any senator or representative should do, and they told me they could not help as the issue was a “legal matter.”  I had exhausted every resource I had and I am a very determined resourceful woman.

600 Chariots Chasing

I was tired but more precisely heart-broken.  My foster son told me to get out of his life, he did not need me any longer.  He would handle his mess himself.  He is mad at me because I caught him and disciplined him for lying.  I sent off one more letter to Florida and then waived the white flag in surrender.  Contrary to my nature, I gave up.  What was needed was a miracle on the order of the parting of the Red Sea.  If you don’t live in the district of the Florida legislator, they won’t help you (we live in Indiana.)  If your matter is with the State of Florida, then Indiana won’t help you.  The Egyptians were charging in one direction with 600 choice chariots and the only direction to run was to certain death or in this case…jail.

I went back to bed and read more in my bargain book about God’s miracles.  I love miracles.  I have miracles happen in my life all the time.  I was expecting a few more and hoped they would arrive soon.

Area Code for Tallahassee

Awakened by a call from an 850 area code.  Ahhh haaaa Tallahassee the state capital of Florida!  Indeed a legislator had lit a fire with Child Support and Department of Revenue who had suspended my foster son’s license (the one he surrendered 2 years ago when moving to Indiana which keeps him unable to work as a commercial truck driver.)   They have agreed to take a conference call with me on the line but they were unable to reach my foster son.   The moment of truth.  The nightmare could be over.  I finally found someone willing to listen to the unbelievable story and my foster son will not respond.  He has either hanged himself as relief from his desperation or he thinks he can handle his own mess.  Neither are viable solutions.

Love and Wrath

For three days I have read about God’s love and God’s wrath.  The love…He offers to everyone.  He won’t turn anyone down.  And no matter how many miracles were shown, how many times the Red Sea was parted and the people were rescued, the people turned their back on God.  Time and time again people preferred the pursuit of personal power and selfish purposes with unbridled freedom to follow their passions.  And soon, very soon, many will meet face to face with God’s wrath and judgement for turning down his offer.  Has happened countless times before and one final time is coming.

I had come to terms with it for my foster son.  He walked away 20 years ago and deeply regretted it.  And now after 6 weeks of being reunited and me coming to his rescue moving heaven and earth to get him out of the mess he had made, he is sure he can manage just fine without me.  God will not be mocked, and just like those who use the name of Jesus as an everyday expletive, they will reap what they sow.

An acute punishment is NOT when He disciplines but when He walks away.  Same goes for a Mother. Oppression is not a sign of God’s abandonment but rather a consequence of sin.  I had shown the narrow gate to my son and he chose the easy and wide way.  And knowing all this and how hard I fought to get this miraculous rescue phone call, I was overcome by a peace that transcends all understanding.  God is in control.  God had given my son an undeserved opportunity.  Consequences for disobedience can last a lifetime as he is about to find this out.  I had run the good race and turned it all over to God.

Then God began to comfort me.  “And let us not grow weary while doing good for in due season we shall reap a harvest if we do not lose heart. Gal 6:9 Heaven knows the condition of my heart right now.

Wise for Her Age

20160318_185245smAnd then my email awakened me from a nap and it was from a very wise 11 year old who had just joined me Friday night for a pizza party while her parents had a birthday celebration.  She was rejoicing over her first paycheck ever.  She was paid for writing a published piece of work in the local paper.  I have been striving for this for quite some time and my little protégé accomplished it at age 11.  Then she tells me she was reading something that stuck out to her and she left me with just a reference Romans 5:3-5 so I looked it up in the MSG translation “There’s more to come: We continue to shout our praise even when we’re hemmed in with troubles, because we know how troubles can develop passionate patience in us and how that patience in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next.  In alert expectancy such as this, we’re never left feeling shortchanged.  Quite the contrary – we can’t round up enough containers to hold everything God generously pours into our lives through the Holy Spirit!” Ministered to from the mouth of babes. Everyone needs an 11 year old sage.

Snooty Jewish Men, Gentiles and Women

And as Easter approaches, I anticipate the remembrance of the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross and what God did for us while we were of no use to Him whatsoever.   When we accept Jesus as our savior, just think how our lives will expand and deepen by means of His resurrection life.

20160321_205907smAnd more comfort prevailed when I read about the snooty Jewish elite who scorned women as much as they did Gentiles.  The tomb of Jesus was provided by a Gentile who believed Jesus was indeed the Son of God.    It was a group of mighty women including Jesus’ own mother who God choose to reveal the greatest news for mankind “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here for He is Risen.”  I am a woman and a Gentile and I felt rather vindicated.

And on that hope, I have nothing to worry about or fear.  No matter my earthly trials and tribulations, today my head is held high and I am victorious. He gives us eyes to see and ears to hear … when we ask.