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Since 2006, Donna Cray has been adjusting families to optimal health using natural chiropractic care. She is from Muncie, Indiana and is the only female chiropractor in Delaware County. Dr. Donna has a Diplomate degree in Chiropractic Pediatrics. With only three chiropractors in the state of Indiana with that distinction, she is in demand. Her specialty is expecting mothers, newborns and children but that should not deter dads from getting adjusted too.

How To Stay Young The First 100 Years

Natural healing is the best healing there is and is what God designed the body to do. The brain communicates to the body through nerves and the nerves are protected in a case called the spine.Normal everyday twists and spills can cause the nerve pathways to become pinched or blocked. Think of a garden hose when you step on it and what this does to the flow of water. It is much like that with the nerves. A chiropractic adjustment moves the spine back into proper alignment to remove the interference on the nerve. The brain can then complete the signal to all the body parts ensuring good natural health, mobility and flexibility.

Expecting Mothers, Newborns and Children

Dr. Donna has a specialty in adjusting expecting mothers. She spends time in educating first time moms in what to expect from the body throughout pregnancy. Many referrals come from Obstetricians referring expecting moms with low back pain and sciatica. They don?t want to give pain meds and chiropractic care is a natural solution.

Expecting mothers are also referred to Dr. Donna when the baby is in a breech position. She uses a technique to give the baby more room to flip into the proper position for birth. This technique is most effective if it is started at 34 weeks.

Newborns need chiropractic adjustment as a result of the trauma of the birth process. Newborns are misaligned from their varied positions in the womb and in the birth process. Dr. Donna performs cranial sacral therapy to correct misshapen heads, such as a flat head or a cone head. Many times when a baby is delivered by C-Section, there are misalignments in the neck and other area which need corrected. Colic is also relieved with chiropractic adjustments.

Children need chiropractic adjustments from their rough and tumble lives. They are accidentally dropped, they roll off the bed, and they fall down. Dr. Donna says ?babies and toddlers are mostly cartilage and are easily adjusted. Constipation, projectile vomiting and ear infections are improved with adjustments for children.

Dr. Donna has effectively resolved bed wetting that seems to occur around age 4-5. She had a case of bed wetting from a 16-year-old male which was resolved in six weeks of adjustments as misalignment of his sacrum was resolved.


Chiropractic plays a significant role in sports and is a proven way to increase performance without the use of drugs.Every single professional football team utilizes chiropractic care to gain a competitive edge.

Back Pain

Eight out of 10 people will experience lower back pain at some point in their life. Traditional treatments might include prolonged bed rest, uncomfortable traction, heavy sedation, injections and surgery. But there is a natural approach to healing the back. The body heals itself through the Central Nervous System and when the communication is blocked or has interference, the healing process stops. The main condition that prevents health and healing in the body is nerve interference through misalignments of the spine. This can cause mobility restriction and slow body responses. Chiropractic care is essential to establish a foundation of wellness.

One of her first patients was brought in by a daughter. The man was in his late 60?s, required a walker and complained of lower back pain. In 6-8 weeks of chiropractic adjustments, the walker was replaced with a cane and the cane was replaced with golf clubs as the he is now out on the golf course enjoying a pain free life.

The daughter was skeptical but for some reason she took an adjustment each time her father did. The daughter cried with each adjustment which Dr. Donna thought was odd because adjustments typically do not hurt. One day she came into the office in tears. She apologized for being such a disgruntled patient as she shared with Dr. Donna that her husband hugged her and for the first time in years and it did not hurt. The adjustments had gotten her aligned properly so the nerves could do their job and the pain was gone. She has been a patient for the last 12 years.

What to Expect

Your first visit will take no longer than one hour. There are no long wait times and you will be seen promptly at your specified appointment time. Our top priority is your health and wellness. You can expect service with no pressure. We carefully review your health history and recommend solutions for optimal health. Frederick Family Chiropractic is extremely friendly, easy to work with and we care about our patients? well-being.

Faith and Chiropractic

When asked about faith and healing, Dr. Donna says I believe that chiropractic is a great tool, but it doesn?t take the place of healing from God. He is the ultimate Healer.He uses me to help people heal. I have the skill set and the knowledge, but God does the healing. I pray over my patients and my clinic for peace and healing in all things every day. I also want my clinic to be a safe place for people to feel comfortable telling me what is going on (besides pain) so we can get them all the help they need.

Extraordinary and Miraculous

While on an instructional clinic in India, Dr. Donna worked on a young man who was 24, he could not speak and could barely walk due to toe drag. His eyes went in different directions. When she adjusted his neck it was very loud. He blinked his eyes and they went back to their proper position, centered in the middle. The father who brought in the young man came running to Dr. Donna and said ?my son is asking for you.? This was impossible as the young man could not speak, but when she went to him he was saying ?Doctor, Doctor. The father came in with Khalid the next day. Khalid had control of his body, he could follow her instructions to get on the table. Dr. Donna adjusted him and Khalid got off the table and started speaking in Hindi as fast as furious as possible. His interpreter explained that Khalid said he wanted to go to school, he wanted to travel and that all along he had always understood, he was just locked inside his lifeless body.

Testimonials and Awards

Donna has been awarded the 5-Star Integrity honor for exceptional service to her patients. She has? won Muncie?s Finest Chiropractor four years in a row.

“When I first visited Dr. Donna I had great difficulty walking and bending. I had been diagnosed with painful spinal stenosis. Surgery was projected and I declined to put my family through the extended period that would take. Dr. Cray has proved that chiropractic treatment can solve many problems. I not only feel helped after treatment, but I am also pleased to be in her company and the company of those in her office.”

“Dr. Donna and her staff are wonderful! Everyone is polite, courteous, and takes a real interest in you as a person. You don?t feel like you?re just another number. The office has a laid back and welcoming atmosphere, as does the staff. Dr. Donna is the only female chiropractor in the area at this point, and is a joy to see. Her great sense of humor, matched with feeling like a million bucks makes each appointment an enjoyment!”

Community Involvement and Support

Frederick Family Chiropractic supports many organizations in the community.

  • Blood-n-Fire Ministries (inner city ministry that supplies meals and support to the community)
  • Fresh Directions ? an after-school food ministry giving children a place to snack and work on homework and get support
  • Wilson Panther Food Pantry ? a school program that supplies children in the school with food for the weekend so that they don?t go without when not in school.
  • Secret Families Christmas Charity ? a county-wide program supplying families with Christmas presents, a Bible and gift cards for groceries who wouldn?t otherwise have a Christmas.
  • An Albany Christmas ? A local community Christmas Charity that supplies $$ to buy children Christmas who wouldn?t otherwise have it.
  • Interlock ? A program that supports the families and children with Autism.
  • Motivate Our Minds ? Educational enrichment programs to empower and inspire Muncie’s
    next generation of leaders.
  • Yorktown Volunteer Fire Department
  • Donors Choose ? an online financial support program for teachers that helps fund projects in their classrooms.
  • The Muncie Mission ? A mission for homeless men to help them get clean, motivated, and get back on their feet so that they can support themselves and their families.
  • The Gathering ? Dr. Donna?s home church supporting all their ministries especially the children's ministry as she has a 3-year-old son.

Future Plans

Dr. Donna is enlarging her knowledge base by studying acupuncture and will add this as a service to her patients. She hopes to expand the practice and add more chiropractor and massage therapists with a variety of treatment options. Ultimately we would like to add Functional Medicine to her holistic practice which is identifying and addressing the root cause of disease.

Frederick Family Chiropractic, LLC

Donna S. Cray D.C., D.I.C.C.P.

4721 N. Wheeling Ave., Muncie, IN 47304



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