English Brings Good News to the Japanese

Junko Matsuda (you can call her June) is a friend of my God-daughter Kirbie. They both attended Word of Life Bible Institute in Hudson FL and in upstate New York. Junko is coming to Indianapolis in July for a visit to share her remarkable story and to raise funds for her mission work in Japan.

Born to a Christian Family

She was born in Japan to a Christian family. This is very rare. Less than ? of 1% of Japanese people are Christian. This means 126 million people are lost souls who have never even heard of Jesus. Junko first learned of Word of Life when she attended an English school in Japan. It turns out to be the very school she is now serving as a missionary today. Few people are born in a country and then go to another country to learn how to become a missionary in their homeland. This is Junko?s story.

After she learned English in a Word of Life school in her hometown in Japan, God made a way for her to go to the Word of Life Bible Institute in Hudson, FL and then in upstate New York. She enrolled in the same program my God-daughter Kirbie attended. Junko then returned to Japan as an intern in the same school where she first learned English.

The Need to Learn English

The English school run by Word of Life in Japan is called SYME (School of Youth Ministries in English) and is a very intensive 8 month program. The need to speak English is very strong in Pacific Rim countries. The cost is high to learn English abroad. The Word of Life English program is very enticing to students due to the low cost and convenience of location.The students must speak only English 13 hours per day.

English with a Little Bible Thrown In

Part of their reading lessons include the Bible! It is where the Japanese students learn about Jesus for the very first time. Lives are transformed as the students learn English and then learn about the Savior of the World.

Hear Junko’s Story in Indiana

Meet Junko and learn about Japanese culture. Find out why it is one of the world?s most difficult countries to share the gospel. Find out what Japanese people think about themselves as compared to how US citizens view the Japanese. See how depression and lack of self-esteem affects the Japanese people. Find out what Japanese people desire most in their lives.

Hear her own testimony. See how English is used as a tool to share the good news of Jesus to 99.4% of the country who have never heard of Jesus. Junko needs to raise an additional $2000 in monthly support in order to remain in her position as a missionary in the school. She is trying to raise this support through individuals and in personal meetings. She has few Christian contacts in her own country due to the vast majority who are Buddhist and Shinto. She has bravely come to the United States to meet Christians who have a heart for missions and those who recognize the extreme need to share Jesus with 126 million lost souls ? the Japanese people.

Courage to Seek Out American Christians

She has gained the courage to come to the US, rent a car and learn to drive in the US. She is finding her way alone to the homes of those she has been able to meet through relationships. Thus far she has been in Pennsylvania and New York and she is on her way to Indiana and then on to Illinois. Can we each give a little to bit of help to a vast expanse of people who have never once been introduced to Jesus? It would only take 100 people giving $20 per month to secure Junko’s funding. Less than one Starbucks or Big Mac Meal per week to bring Jesus to millions.

July 11-July 25? ?Will You Meet With Her??

She will be in Indianapolis a short time. She will arrive late on July 10. She will be in Columbus and Nashville on the 11th. She is available to meet with people from July 12th through July 25th. You can meet with her at Polly’s house on the south side of Indianapolis. You can meet with her in Fishers at the home of other friends. She is fearless and will meet with Christian friends who are eager to hear her story and will drive where ever Google maps takes her. Will you welcome this sister in Christ and give her support in order to reach 126 million lost souls?

This is a testimony from one of the students who went through the English program at Word of Life Japan.
Dave’s Story

Like most Japanese people, I grew up in a non-Christian home. In Junior High I was pretty rebellious and my parents worried about my attitude as I constantly argued with my father.

After graduating high school, I could not pass the university entrance exam. This was devastating to the point of having no hope to live. It was at that time that I learned about SYME (School of Youth Ministries in English) from a relative who is a pastor. While I knew nothing about SYME, I made the decision to attend within two days of hearing about the program. It was the fastest decision I have ever made in my life.

In March of 2016, I entered the SYME program and saw the Bible for the very first time. I began to think about being a Christian and thought, ?Would it be possible for a non-Christian to be a Christian after 20 years?

Reflecting on my life, I had never thought about my sin before. If I had not come to SYME, I probably would have never considered my sin. In my struggle with sin, I could not open my heart because I did not want to rely on the Bible. I understood Christianity, but I could not accept it easily as I had lived my entire 20 years as a non-Christian. I felt my whole life had no meaning. It was very difficult for me to make the decision to believe and change my life.

But the occasion suddenly came and I think it was inevitable, not an accident. On April 16th, one Japanese pastor and his team from the states came to SYME to perform some skits and share the gospel. At the end of the enactment, the pastor asked us if there were any questions about the Bible. I raised my hand and could not stop crying regardless of my intention. I think the Holy Spirit was working in me. I confessed my sins and asked Jesus to by my personal Savior.

After this happened, I had great relief. I heard that everyone at SYME and many people whom I had never met had been praying for me every day. Now that I believed in Jesus as my personal Savior, it was important for me to be baptized. This took place on May 29, 2016.

Now I want more people to know about Jesus. I really cannot imagine my life without Jesus. In 2016, I went to Word of Life Bible Institute in Jeju, South Korea to study the Bible in depth. I am currently studying at Word of Life Bible Institute in New York. I don?t know where the Lord is taking me in my life, but God knows everything. Now I can fall into God?s embrace with trust.

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