A Day In The Life of a Storyteller

Fear, anxiety and worry have wormed their way back in.  Searching for that still small voice of the Lord and I am thinking that I can’t hear Him.  Maybe I am wrong.

The Lord has provided exactly what I needed every month since I left my job in September 2017.  Self-employment is difficult but I have faith that it will work.  I have daily encouragement and strategy sessions.

The mice problem brought out the pest control people who informed me I had termites.  My car needed major service beyond my means.  I have sobered up and realized I have made a mess of my financial planning for retirement because there has not been any.  I have sought counsel on investments only to learn I need to defer taking social security until I am well past 65.  What if I can’t keep working, what if I get sick, what if I can’t find the words or no one wants any more stories?

Sharon says “What if” statements are from the Enemy.  Be careful who you listen to.

Loved ones have helped me in my time of need with generous contributions.

Steve preached on the power of words.  The first words God spoke in Genesis created everything.  God’s words carry power.  We need those as our guidance and not the trash talk of the urban jungle.

I am writing a story on this same pastor and his church.  I am up to the point in the story where he believed the lies of the Devil and it caused him to give up on himself before anyone else had the chance.  Along came a visitor who spoke God’s words reminding him the calling of God is irrevocable.

Betsy posted a video on Facebook.  She has three kids and a busy household.  She found 8 minutes of peace and quiet to record a video on overcoming fear.  I know it took her considerably longer to prepare her 8 minute sermon.  She ministered to me in that hour past my bedtime encouraging me to cling to God’s word.

I received a message from some sewer angels who have become my Facebook friends when their company Gurney J Bush, Inc. came to the rescue of a friend who was in desperate need.  They helped her out again when her hot water heater went out.  They of course cannot take on every case for free, but once again they came to her rescue.  Random act of unspeakable kindness and generosity.

Received good news on taxes which will cover the needs of my latest prayer requests.

Kindness in the form of a coffee at Brickhouse and heartfelt conversation with Jenny as our guest confused the meeting time giving me a special moment to be blessed and encouraged.

Reached for a booklet as I fell asleep last night.  It directed me to a video called “A Stroll Along The Sea of Galilee.”  I listened to the beautiful sounds and imagined walking beside Jesus.  It encouraged me to record my prayers and then to record what I heard God say back to me.  I couldn’t hear anything.

I knew I needed to keep God’s word center stage as I was letting other voices get inside my head.  I picked up a new devotional and a new blank journal.  I am a writer…I think.  Sometimes people completely rewrite my entire stories and then I don’t feel like much of one.  And in the middle of another retirement planning session, Cathi interrupts the conversation to tell her boss that I am an amazing writer and she is going to have me do her story.  I am shocked, I have not seen this friend for years and she surprises me when she says she reads everything I write.

I opened the new devotional to the page before Day 1.  It says “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.  Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story” Psalm 107:1-3.  And then Day 1 just has to start in Genesis 1:1-3 the same passage Steve preached on Sunday.  Human words are powerful, they are powerful to tear down and powerful to build up.  But God’s words are infinitely more powerful.  “God said” and things happened!  Where nothing had been, there was now something!

Read a few of God’s promises…

You look them up and steep in them.

His chosen – Colossians 3:12

Loved – Ephesians 5:25

Provided For – Matthew 5:25

Protected – Psalm 18:2

Child – 1 John 3:1

Let the creative power of God’s words re-create you in Christ’s image.  What kind of power are you speaking into people’s lives with your words?  Words matter.

I believe I can hear that still small voice speaking with great power.  I can hear Him and he is sending comfort in a hundreds ways.  Look for it and listen.