Dawn Evans-Casey – Business Spotlight

Dawn Evans-Casey knows a thing or two about travel. Having traveled for business for over 20 years, she has experienced it all. It is the motivation behind Spa-Travel. Dawn is a certified travel agent operating her own virtual travel agency to help you avoid the pitfalls of travel. Whether you need to travel for work or you think a weekend? get-a-way sounds exciting or you want to plan the world tour of a lifetime, Dawn gives expert knowledge in making your trip one to remember for all the right reasons.

The Price is Right

There is no cost to you to use her expertise. The airlines, cruise lines, hotels and car rental companies pay her for booking YOUR travel. She can often find specials and exceptional opportunities not available to those who book it themselves. Have you ever booked your own travel only to find the hotel that looked so good online was going through renovation when you arrived? Have you ever booked a flight with a short layover and the connecting flight required a bus ride to a far-away terminal and you missed your flight? Let Dawn use her knowledge to route you through with sufficient time for connections and through airports with reputations for the most on-time departures.

Advocates with Clout

Did you know if you book your travel through a certified travel agent, the airline will communicate any issues directly to the agent? The certified travel agent has more leverage with the airlines to address an issue and re-route if necessary. One call to Dawn and she can coordinate a solution with all the tools at her fingertips. She also knows to stay away from the ?specials? and web offers that end up getting cancelled due to overbooking.

International travel requires passports, visas and various inoculations. As a certified travel agent, Dawn is up-to-date on these regulations. She can also recommend when it is advisable to purchase travel insurance.

Interested in Being Your Own Travel Agent?

Perhaps you would like to become your own travel agent. Many resorts offer deep discounts in order to experience and recommend their property. Let Dawn show you how to become a certified travel agent through a business opportunity in your full-time, part-time, or spare time. The Traverus Global Associate Holiday start up special $99.95 (which of course is fully tax deductible) affords you Multiple Additional Tax Deductions, Extra Cash, Deep Travel Discounts, Expert Travel Training, Proven Wellness Products, Residual Income Opportunities, Team Building Experience, Recognized Soft Skills Training, Excellent Business Resources, Fundraising, Gift Giving and Legacy choices and so much fun! It’s a real, sustainable, fulfilling and enjoyable business, and you’ll be a part of tangible success for yourself and many others. Get started today!

Welcome Dawn to Christian Phone Book

After you book your next weekend get-a-way, ask her how to put your business in the Christian Phone Book. We welcome Dawn to the sales team. Polly Riddell, The Story Teller, met Dawn at a networking event. Dawn is a professional networker and is the perfect person to introduce businesses of integrity to the digital and print marketing platforms of ChristianPhoneBook.com.Dawn is a woman of faith and enjoys connecting with other like-minded people who operate their businesses based on Biblical principles.

See Dawn at the Christian Professional Chamber Tradeshow

As we launch the Christian Professional Chamber, you may see Dawn at our first tradeshow scheduled for June 7, 2018. The Christian Professional Chamber will further promote the business and ministries listed in the Christian Phone Book in order to showcase the products and services of our faithful advertisers. The trade shows will introduce businesses and ministries of integrity to the community. We will feature a Career Connect of Christian businesses with job openings. The trade show will feature entertainment, open networking and a motivational speaker to offer encouragement. Mark your calendar now for this exciting event.

Ready For Your Own Promotional Story?

Would you like a promotional story to introduce your business to the community? Let Polly Riddell The Story Teller write your story. We will feature the story on the Christian Phone Book web page. We will promote your story on the Christian Phone Book Facebook page and in the Constant Contact emails sent out to our growing base of over 4,500 subscribers. We can?t wait to connect with you and promote you in our circles of influence.

Dawn Evans-Casey

Certified Travel Agent




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