Cathy Padgett – Business Spotlight

Cathy Padgett has been walking in faith following her dream of entrepreneurship since 2009. Closed doors have a way of propelling us to new opportunities which is exactly what happened after 14 years as Director of Marketing and Sales for a Christian publisher when they closed their doors. Cathy says I followed my dream to be an entrepreneur and the result became the Indiana Small Business Expo.

Indy’s Top 50 Business Connectors

Most people know Cathy Padgett as one of Indy?s Top 50 Business Connectors. She is a powerhouse of personal and business development through focused networking and public speaking. Her high-impact presentations inspire others in goal setting, strategic market planning, communication, self-awareness and motivation while providing leadership for business-to-business networking activities.

What others say speaks volumes.

?Cathy is truly committed to facilitating opportunities for business owners to network and make connections that are beneficial to their businesses. Her passion really is to help people succeed and grow their business.

?Cathy is a master at producing well organized events. She is the heart and soul of the Indiana Small Business Expo. ?She is a woman of integrity and cares about others.

Faith and Transformation?

Faith is Cathy?s focus and passion. Transformation is her purpose. She is a coach, a consultant and a Christian counselor. God has given Cathy a prophetic voice and words of knowledge which she uses to empower women and men to develop courage, wisdom and self-improvement. Cathy proclaims I believe every individual has phenomenal gifts just waiting to be used and rewarded. These gifts often help people to discover their God-given purpose in order pursue their dreams.

Marketplace Leaders Alliance

Marketplace Leaders Alliance emerged from Cathy?s expertise in leadership training and personal development to reach an audience of like-minded faith-based professionals and entrepreneurs. She is creating trade shows, expos and monthly educational events to impact the community using ministry gifts, professional and personal skills to help others network and share their Christian faith in the marketplace.

Kingdom Synergy

Connections, relationship building, networking and sharing have been Cathy?s premise and philosophy. An introduction was made to connect Cathy Padgett to Polly Riddell through a LinkedIn round table hosted by Collaborate 317. Polly is The Story Teller and she recently connected with Kenton Yohey, owner of Kenton and Cathy knew of each other for years but never had the opportunity to share “like” visions. Polly met Cathy for the first time at a Marketplace Leaders Alliance monthly event at Collaborate 317.

Polly shared with Cathy the purpose of the Christian Phone Book ? to promote businesses of integrity who operate with Biblical principles and she shared the vision of the Christian Professional Chamber being launched June 7, 2018 as an umbrella of Christian Phone Book to further connect, unite and promote Christians in the Marketplace to each other and to the public. And in that unassuming way yet full of excitement of purpose, Polly suggested a meeting to explore Kingdom Synergy between Cathy Padgett, CEO of Indiana Small Business Expo and Founder of Marketplace Leaders Alliance and Kenton Yohey, Owner of and Founder of Christian Professional Chamber.

Partnership to Unite Christians in the Marketplace

As a result, influential networking leaders Cathy Padgett and Kenton Yohey announced a new partnership to unite and promote Christians in the Marketplace. Both business owners agreed to collaborate together to bring exciting trade shows and expos to the marketplace in 2018 under the umbrella of the Christian Professional Chamber launching June 7, 2018.

Through trade shows, expos, and events, professional Christians will not only exhibit their products or services; they will be able to speak into the lives of others sharing experiences, knowledge and their expertise. Together we will make a huge impact in the professional world and in our communities.