She Is Your Grandmother

Jerry is my friend living in exile in Uganda. He is a refugee who escaped the barbaric acts of the corrupt government officials in his homeland of DRC – Democratic Republic of Congo. Trust me, there is no democracy there. Through our many months of daily messages on WhatsApp, I have come to love this family who are my brothers and sisters in Christ. But one day, I actually became a grandmother to his children. Continue reading “She Is Your Grandmother”

The Miracle Of A Gentle Nudge

There is a family I have gotten to know via long distance communication who live in exile in Uganda as refugees 8000 miles away from Indiana in a foreign land of a foreign culture in the most extreme conditions. This is Jerry’s family. Zawadi is his wife, and their four children range in age from an infant daughter Anna born last Christmas, Joseph a toddler, Hope and David primary school age. Jerry also provides a home to a foster daughter Tumaini and his step-sister Emiliane. Continue reading “The Miracle Of A Gentle Nudge”

Those Willing Enterprise-Opportunities in Exile

My heart burst with joy as I saw Jerry?s creative blue flyer in front of all fifty members of the CIRA organization. CIRA is the Central Indiana Realtist Association, and they support the underserved in terms of home ownership. Jerry is my friend who is a refugee in Uganda in exile for the last eleven years. I am a story teller and connect people through the stories they tell. I believe God for the miraculous. Continue reading “Those Willing Enterprise-Opportunities in Exile”

Exile-Jerry’s Story

My friend Jerry is a family man who loves his wife and his four children. He genuinely cares for others and demonstrates it by taking in a foster child, providing a home for his younger sister and he works with neighborhood youth in a Christian organization he founded. He has studied Accounting and Information Technology. As with most families, money is tight and he worries about providing for his family. He uses social media much like the rest of us and that is how we met?on Facebook.But if you know me, there is adventure, intrigue and a backstory that will keep you hanging on to the edge of your seat.

Jerry is living in exile as a refugee in Uganda. In the blink of an eye, life for Jerry became unimaginable. His determination and perseverance is inspiring. He is my brother in Christ and he has become my friend. This is Jerry?s story. Continue reading “Exile-Jerry’s Story”