2020 Retrospective

How many people would say they thrived in 2020? Isolation looked good on me. I wrote a book, took control of my health, created a cook book and changed careers, again. New friends were made, exhilarating experiences were had and bucket list items checked. It is that time of year for a “look back” with a little holy anticipation for the future. Let’s begin shall we?

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Through My Eyes

I did not go looking for a refugee family in Africa to adopt. They found me. It started as just an ordinary writing assignment for an ever curious storyteller and blossomed into a life altering relationship orchestrated by the ONE who answers our prayers. The thing is, I had never prayed to adopt a refugee family from Africa. God, what are you up to? Continue reading “Through My Eyes”

And Then This Happened

The Christmas miracle of 2018 left the challenges of my past in the dust. A job perfectly suited for all my quirks and challenges had been offered. I became a “street walker” in one of the worst opioid counties in Indiana and my assignment was to conduct health interviews for research for an esteemed University in Indiana. The light, dressed in snake skin boots and a leopard print coat entered the darkness of poverty, hopelessness and addiction near the eastern edge of Indiana. Continue reading “And Then This Happened”

Kathleen Coleman-Miss Sophia’s House

Sophia grew up in rural Mississippi as the youngest of 13 children. Her mother died when she was just three months old. Her oldest sister, barely 13, was thrust into the caregiver role while working in the cotton fields and attending school whenever she could. Sophia?s father was a gambler and when he was unable to pay his gambling debts, he used his own daughters as payment. Continue reading “Kathleen Coleman-Miss Sophia’s House”