Lessons Learned


What a waste of time applying to the job boards for employment.  This never worked even when I was young and beautiful.  Now that I am old and eccentric with a lot of eclectic thrown in, it is impossible.  The problem is there is no job that I want except this one.

Upside Down

Worked myself into a frazzled frenzy and tangled mess attempting to find the next job to support my single self.  Feels like ADHD of job search bouncing between a thousand interests and directions. Subscribe to virtual job sites, gravitate to low paying care giving jobs because…well I don’t know why but maybe I am just …

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Five Smooth Stones

God indulges my adventuresome spirit by guiding me to His word through some breath-taking twists and turns.  “Something” made me look up a passage that was referenced in a list called “Keys to Cultivating Breakthrough.”  Point number 1 – Keep God first.  The scripture sent me on a wild goose chase to discover daring courage, …

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The Purse

Esther sent an email to her prayer warriors that went something like this, “Ladies, will you join me for breakfast at Panera tomorrow, my treat.  In exchange for egg souffles with milk and honey lattes, I seek your advice on how to do battle with the Devil.” well fed for such a time as this …

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Journals of Faith

My devotional time with God has taken on a creative aspect. Having discovered some stunning journals called Paper Blanks, I am now writing out my favorite scriptures, prayers, and miracles. They are categorized in a variety of ways with a different journal for each. Years ago, I was presented with the most beautiful journal as …

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