For the Least of These

Jerry Mbokani is my refugee son from Africa. The COVID-19 shutdown in Uganda where he is currently exiled has hit the urban refugee community in ways few of us can possibly imagine. If you are a refugee in the city, you work and then you eat. With all industry shut down, the refugee does not eat. All transportation in Uganda has been shut down as well. It is an impossible situation short of the miraculous provision by people who are the hands and feet of a living God. Continue reading “For the Least of These”

Beauty in the World Remains Constant

I have a dear friend who attended high school with me. He is an outstanding photographer and one of the finest men I know. Once “social distancing” started and he was unable to continue his business travel, he started posting some of his favorite photos and tells stories about them. I wanted to share his posts but he is very private and does not like the spotlight. I asked if I could put his travelogue into my blog and keep him anonymous . He agreed to that! He and his lovely wife live in Bend Oregon which is stunning in itself.
I asked him if he would continue this posting and sharing until he ran out of stunning photos. He has not told me no! So I am hoping this compilation will inspire him to put these in book form once this pandemic is over. No matter what, I will have an amazing collection from a most talented friend. He honored me by telling me that my storytelling/photography is what inspired him. He has always been the gentleman. Continue reading “Beauty in the World Remains Constant”

Machine Guns and Women’s Underwear

What do machine guns and women's underwear have to do with sending filmmaking equipment to Africa? My missionary friend saw my post from Walmart that I was buying crates to make a shipment to Africa. He sent me a warning that corrupt customs officials were confiscating items of value and holding them for ransom. It seems that white women traveling alone to Africa were targeted for this tactic. He recalled that my last crate of Christmas gifts for my African refugee family was transported by just such a white woman traveling alone. Continue reading “Machine Guns and Women’s Underwear”

Christmas in Africa in August

Not even a power outage could dampen the spirits of Jerry’s family as they eagerly surrounding a big red crate full of Christmas gifts from their American grandmother. The gifts went from Indiana to New Mexico to Uganda with a detour to the African bush and then made the journey to Jerry’s house via hours of public transportation through a torrential downpour. We planned a video chat so that Grandma could share in the joy of the moment. A cell phone that won’t hold a charge, a power outage from the storm and a flashlight was all they had, but it was still Christmas, in Africa in August. Continue reading “Christmas in Africa in August”

She Is Your Grandmother

Jerry is my friend living in exile in Uganda. He is a refugee who escaped the barbaric acts of the corrupt government officials in his homeland of DRC – Democratic Republic of Congo. Trust me, there is no democracy there. Through our many months of daily messages on WhatsApp, I have come to love this family who are my brothers and sisters in Christ. But one day, I actually became a grandmother to his children. Continue reading “She Is Your Grandmother”

The Miracle Of A Gentle Nudge

There is a family I have gotten to know via long distance communication who live in exile in Uganda as refugees 8000 miles away from Indiana in a foreign land of a foreign culture in the most extreme conditions. This is Jerry’s family. Zawadi is his wife, and their four children range in age from an infant daughter Anna born last Christmas, Joseph a toddler, Hope and David primary school age. Jerry also provides a home to a foster daughter Tumaini and his step-sister Emiliane. Continue reading “The Miracle Of A Gentle Nudge”

The Oil Lamp-Special Revelation

I am surrounded by many friends who have what I call a ?direct connection? to The Father. They hear God speak, they speak to God in a special prayer language, they are entrusted with prophecy, they receive words of knowledge and they pray for others and healing occurs. One friend has even been given a download for twelve transformational novels. I want what they have. And so for the last few years they have surrounded me praying for this baptism of Holy fire. Nothing happened. Continue reading “The Oil Lamp-Special Revelation”