God Stories


What a waste of time applying to the job boards for employment.  This never worked even when I was young and beautiful.  Now that I am old and eccentric with a lot of eclectic thrown in, it is impossible.  The problem is there is no job that I want except this one.

When The Brook Dries Up

Has your brook dried up? Is there a drought in the land so severe you have no idea where to turn. This is where Lukendo found himself, just like the prophet Elijah. The brook which supplied sustenance to them both simply dried up. God was about to do a new thing.


At age 62, Mother’s Day took on significant meaning when I was adopted into the Bushi tribe in Africa. My new sons pronounced me Mwamikazi “Queen Mother.” I have never been one to take the traditional path. In fact, I feel a little like Abraham when God told him in his old age, he would …

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