Refugees-Who Cares?

As a last resort, I wrote a letter to the President of the United States asking for help for my refugee family in exile in Africa. After all, Joe Biden was very proud of one of his first executive orders made in February 2021 regarding the resettlement of refugees in the United States. I waited four months for his reply which was just excellently scripted political rhetoric that did not address in any way the issue I wrote to him about. 

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C’Mon Man

Job hunting in January when it is cold and dark, when you are fat and sassy but “sassy” left the building and you are a deplorable or perhaps it is just a 65-year-old undesirable. My African son sent this message this morning, “mother, finding a job probably might be difficult provided that your age is a bit advancing.  It seems companies like taking in young people.”   In Swahili or English the message reads the same.  Let’s see if I can muster up some humor to describe the week.

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Set The Captives Free-A Prayer For Jean

With Mother's Day fast approaching, our hearts go out to our mothers and grandmothers we have not seen for weeks going on months thanks to the pandemic. Many are actually held hostage in solitary confinement in nursing facilities. But what would you do if your mother was the pawn in a family feud that purposely isolated her for years against her will in a nursing home? What happens when power and greed are so totally pervasive that others are intimidated and threatened if they act? What would you think when those charged with protecting the rights of the elderly are circumvented at every turn and family members are destroyed one-by-one by extraordinary evil, corruption and abuse of power? Continue reading “Set The Captives Free-A Prayer For Jean”

Dr. Mark Eckel Teaches “Christian Thought” at Indianapolis Theological Seminary

You are invited to attend a course my friend Dr. Mark Eckel will be teaching this summer called “Christian Thought.”??Your participation would be invaluable given your vocational pursuits. Your voice will speak to specific concerns for our day. Your interest in continuing to grow as a Christian cultural apologist will add a unique dynamic to the class. Continue reading “Dr. Mark Eckel Teaches “Christian Thought” at Indianapolis Theological Seminary”

Life Skills for Special Needs

I saw a post on Perry Township Chat (Facebook) that warmed my heart. It was from Tim Griffin, a special needs teacher at my alma mater, Perry Meridian High School. He is teaching LIFE SKILLS to his class even though that is not what he is paid to teach, he adds it to the curriculum because it is important. You see Tim Griffin has worked in the corporate world for Fortune 500 companies most all his life and he was also an entrepreneur. He knows the value of the life skills he is teaching to his special needs class. I daresay, these skills should be mandatory for every class prior to graduation. Continue reading “Life Skills for Special Needs”

Benevolent Offerings Bring Abundant Blessings

My heart burst with joy as I saw Jerry?s creative blue flyer in front of all fifty members of the CIRA organization. CIRA is the Central Indiana Realtist Association, and they support the underserved in terms of home ownership. Jerry is my friend who is a refugee in Uganda in exile for the last eleven years. I am a story teller and connect people through the stories they tell. I believe God for the miraculous. Continue reading “Benevolent Offerings Bring Abundant Blessings”

Exile-Jerry’s Story

My friend Jerry is a family man who loves his wife and his four children. He genuinely cares for others and demonstrates it by taking in a foster child, providing a home for his younger sister and he works with neighborhood youth in a Christian organization he founded. He has studied Accounting and Information Technology. As with most families, money is tight and he worries about providing for his family. He uses social media much like the rest of us and that is how we met?on Facebook.But if you know me, there is adventure, intrigue and a backstory that will keep you hanging on to the edge of your seat.

Jerry is living in exile as a refugee in Uganda. In the blink of an eye, life for Jerry became unimaginable. His determination and perseverance is inspiring. He is my brother in Christ and he has become my friend. This is Jerry?s story. Continue reading “Exile-Jerry’s Story”