Not Enough Oomph To Bloom

The lush, full, bloom-heavy, white Christmas cactus called to me.  They are wildly temperamental, so special care was given in its transport home.  I actually swore off Christmas cactus last year as I could never get them to bloom even after consulting every gardener’s expertise.  I put a few under my new grow lights and …

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A Place To Rest

I never rest. Not that I don’t want to, but there are so many exhilarating things to do and they outweigh the time allowed so I am always curiously learning new things, promoting charitable causes, rescuing refugees from Africa and then writing stories about it all. Selecting my “burial” site is just one more example.

Celebrating 60

Two days ago Facebook reminded me a year ago I had the first fire of the season.  The Christmas issue of Cowboys and Indians had just arrived in my mailbox.  Wrapped up in a western fleece blanket made by a friend and sipping a hot toddy, I enjoyed that fire letting time stand still and …

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