Something old, new, borrowed, BLUE

My God-Daughter Kirbie is getting married! I vividly remember the blustery day we drove to northern Indiana to attend the wedding of her friend Sarah. Kirbie had never even had a date (and that prom event in those six inch heels on her already 5’10” frame does not count.) Sensing her inner turmoil at watching her beautiful friend marry the godly man of her dreams and wondering if it would ever be her turn, I turned to her in that bizarre Air bnb we rented and we held hands and prayed. We prayed for a godly man who would cherish Kirbie and love her until the end of time.

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A Place To Rest

I never rest. Not that I don’t want to, but there are so many exhilarating things to do and they outweigh the time allowed so I am always curiously learning new things, promoting charitable causes, rescuing refugees from Africa and then writing stories about it all. Selecting my “burial” site is just one more example.

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