Alexandria Woodward-Journey To Your Heart

Alexandria Woodward has been on many journeys but she knows the ultimate journey is to the heart of Jesus. The title track of her debut album is Journey to Your Heart.Wherever you would lead me is where I want to go, cause in the mountain or the valley, your presence is my home.

A Heart Surrendered to Jesus

She is a worship leader, song writer, aspiring missionary with a heart surrendered to Jesus. Alexandria speaks truth as a daughter of the King, seeing people through God?s eyes and helping others to experience all God has for them. Through her voice, her passion and her music, she brings people into the presence of God.

When she was two months old, her mother sang to her and Alexandria cooed back, attempting to match her pitch. From a young age, she has always known her love for Jesus. She wrote and performed her song at age 13, “This Blood is for You” and won first place at state in the songwriting category at Fine Arts, a nationwide Christian arts competition.

A Heart for the Fatherless and People of Need

Alexandria recognized she had a gift not only for singing, but more importantly to share God?s love. She has a heart for young women and orphans and is gifted in speaking, sharing, encouraging and casting hope.Before a group she boldly states I want to go where He goes, I want to do what He does and say what He says, because I am in love with Jesus.

All You Will Ever Need

When Alexandria was on a three month missions trip in South Africa, at a time when she was journaling and pouring her heart out to the Lord, he responded I have not called you to be comfortable or safe. I have called you to the high places, to live dangerously, taking risks, putting it all out there because that is what I?ve done for you. I have called you to journey into the unknown with me so I can show you that I really am enough for you; I am all that you will ever need.? Alexandria treasures these words from the Father in her heart and seeks to live by them.

Formative Years

Her early life has prepared her well for this life abandoned to Christ. For ten years she was discipled and taught/trained to use her voice to worship Jesus in the children’s choir at Calvary Temple, Indianapolis. She participated in Young Voices of Indianapolis throughout her high school and early college years, for a total of six years. She was home schooled through high school and pursued college in a non-traditional online program so she could pursue missions and lead worship at her local church. She studied piano and voice at the University of Indianapolis. She completed the two-year ministry license accreditation requirements at Word and Spirit Bible College and also one year at Indiana School of Ministry. It is the same program that her father Kris Woodward studied to become a licensed and ordained pastor.

Alexandria traveled with a biblical drama team and performed in a number of musicals. She has a heart for worship and has served as worship leader in several churches. Pastor Jim Stuteville of Evansville said this ?When Alexandria begins to sing and worship it’s like a spring breeze is sweeping through the place which brings refreshing to those who hear it. She truly understands worship, and as a result, her singing and playing are always anointed. Some say that her singing voice is captivating, and I would agree, but it’s because the Spirit of God is flowing through her when she ministers to Him.

Passion for Discipling

Lilies Bible study for teen girls is a passion for Alexandria. She teaches what true beauty is in God?s eyes. There is a focus on purity and being set aside for Christ. Not seeking the temporary loves and pleasures of this world but finding fulfillment only in God?s love. Her students learn there is more to life than what people are settling for. She changes the outlook of young girls so their entire life revolves around Christ. Alexandria explains, ?the world says to be loved and accepted you have to do certain things, but I teach we are in this world but we are not of it. We pursue Christ in a higher level of purity to be beautiful not on the outside the way the world defines it, but in the heart the way Christ defines it. We want them to know their true value lies in Christ alone because they are true daughters of the King.

From Pastor Kent and Sherry Grimes, Church of the Living Water, Indianapolis?“Alexandria was one of the worship leaders at our church for three years. Her love for Jesus always came through so strong in her passionate worship. Through her impressive song writing abilities for original music as well as current well-known songs, she ministers in great anointing. Also, Alexandria’s commitment to purity and contentment in singleness is a great example to other young people. You can count on the Lord being lifted up through her ministry. “

Heart’s Desire

Alexandria?s desire is to serve the Lord through worship to bring the presence of God to those she touches. Her strong voice will cast a vision to support and minister to organizations that support young women and orphans on their journey to Christ. She is looking for opportunities like these to be an ambassador for the Kingdom.

With tears in her eyes she proclaims, ?He delights in using us frail, weak, imperfect human beings to show His glory and His perfection to share the love of Christ. If God purchased my life through the blood of Christ, then He owns all of me. The ultimate journey is to His heart.

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