About Polly

For years, Polly has written and photographed people and places she finds interesting. She is spirited and adventuresome. She laughs as she reads Webster's definition of adventure? a bold, usually risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome.Nothing describes my life more than a risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome. Polly says, ?Think about it, everything you do is a risky undertaking from starting a business, to getting married to following Christ. It all carries a certain degree of risk.

Everyone Has A Story

Polly Riddell is published under the pen name G. Polly Jordan (ask her about that story!)? She writes and promotes stories about people and their passions and says, ?everyone has a story. It is my job to discover your special attributes and then write about them in an engaging way people will remember.

Commemorate a special anniversary, engagement, wedding, retirement or event which calls for a story to pass down through the ages.

Writer? Photographer and Connector

Polly is a freelance writer and photographer. Her professional writing career started with?Greenwood Monthly and Center Grove Monthly Magazines. She took the business spotlight idea to the web with TheStoryTeller.net.

Polly loves the God stories and she writes stories of faith for Christian Community Connect and MultiplyMagazine.org?and says? “It is amazing to see how God works and how God answers prayers. Exhilarating to be the scribe entrusted to record the stories of how connections are made simply as a result of sharing faith and recommending like-minded people.”

Compelling Stories Give Big Voices to Small Ventures

Storytelling is a powerful technique for building relationships. Polly?wants to listen to your story and then connect you with the people who need to hear your story. A memorable story connects emotionally with the reader.

Compelling stories give big voices to small ventures. The human connection is the heart and soul of the non-profit or business and the story is the vehicle.

Hook You With A Memorable Opener

Polly wastes no time in setting the stage and says I want to reel you in from the opening paragraph. One of my favorite stories came from a dreaded assignment to interview a doctor to feature a sleep center. After all, how interesting and exciting is a sleep study? But after interviewing the witty doctor and delving deep for an emotional connection, the opening paragraph was one of my favorites.”

Story begins “I am here because my wife kicked me out and says she is ready for a divorce.”? His wife did not send him to a marriage counselor or to an attorney, she sent him to the Indiana Sleep Center because ?He snores and I am exhausted.’? This is how most men reluctantly arrive at the Indiana Sleep Center and meet Dr. Singh.”

What is Your Story and Who Do You Need to Connect With?

What Others Say

“Polly is a great asset for our magazine. She is one of the few photographers whose first assignment ended up on the cover! She easily adapted her photography style to match the needs of the publication.

In addition to photography, Polly has also written for our magazine. She works well with her subjects, whether they are a young couple updating their home or an MD with a special story to tell.”? Dann Veldkamp, Publisher Greenwood Monthly and Center Grove Monthly Magazines