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Why would 50 non-profits meet together every Saturday morning at the end of a runway of the Mount Comfort Airport? To launch and soar an initiative of Massive Positive Social Impact.?

Collaborate 317 is a piece of real estate located due west of Indianapolis Regional Airport (formerly Mount Comfort.)? Inside the 25,000 sq. ft. business and event center are 50 non-profits who are thriving as a result of a history making, first-of-its-kind business education initiative.

The Hope Center Indy is the inspiration behind thisIncubator for Emerging Non-Profits called Amplify Hope. It is the collaboration of Amplify Indy, an innovative marketing agency with focus on personal and professional development and?COFFE?(Community Outreach for Financial Education) a non-profit which provides financial education, strategies and fundamental business principles to non-profits.

Amplify Indy, COFFE and Collaborate 317 have dedicated a $250,000 endowment of office space, business coaching, development, collaboration, networking, marketing, media center, mastermind and accountability groups? for 50 emerging non-profit organizations who have recently launched or want to expand from where they are today. Amplify Hope is offered at no cost to these non-profits.

There is no pot of gold, no fund of cash propelling this initiative. The founders have actually been called to form Amplify Hope for a higher purpose. At great personal cost, this endeavor has been self-funded by a dedicated group of visionaries who are going without in order to serve within.

A Few Good Men

The masterminds and founders behind this magnanimous offer of serving others are Bruce Ford, Joshua Bach and Harrison Painter. Bruce and Josh are business partners and fraternity brothers who met at Ball State.They formed a non-profit arm of their financial services business, called COFFE. Marketing guru, Harrison Painter, Amplify Indy reconnected with Josh Bach and when introduced to Bruce Ford and the Hope Center Indy mission, Harrison was instantly called to join the movement. Harrison put his marketing business on hold in order to devote himself fully to the effort.

Key members in the collaboration include another fraternity brother Luke Keay, Experience Manager at Collaborate 317 with a specialty in grant writing and Jedidiah Herrmann as Operations Director. When Charles Guynn signed on, they knew they were on to something. Mr. Charles Guynn is a no-nonsense elder statesman who is the former executive director of seven not-for-profits including Black Expo and he worked directly with Dr. Martin Luther King for many years. Charles summed it up with two questions “how does it make your heart feel? Would you do this work for no pay?”

ALL IN To Serve

All of the founders, key members and countless supporters are ALL IN, working 16 hour days, meeting every Saturday with the non-profits, supporting this effort with their own funds and on some days, putting the last $10 they have in their gas tank in order to get to Collaborate 317.

From the founders and key members of?Amplify Hope to each and every one of the non-profits,? the radio hosts, the grant writers, the story tellers and the for-profit businesses who support the entire initiative, it all boils down to a heart issue.

Matters of the Heart

Most non-profits are created as a result of a life altering event. A women who was stabbed 13 times by her husband, not only becomes a strong survivor, she takes a stand against domestic violence and empowers others as the Voice of the Victim.

A man who loses everything through addiction, finds Christ and the power to rise from the ashes and he wants to help others do the same through The GRIT Project.

A young Haitian boy became an orphan after he was abandoned. He was rescued by a missionary and adopted by an American Family. He grows up, goes to college and meets a young lady who was also adopted from Haiti. They marry, return to Haiti in 2010 after a devastating earthquake to realize the need for sustainable economic opportunities to help the Haitian people become self-sufficient through?Beyond Me Initiative.

A man who is in and out of prison for 26 years with much of it spent in solitary confinement finds transformation and a full understanding of the anger which fueled his life of crime. He starts a center of hope for men to break down walls and repair brokenness through the?Hope Center for Men.

God calls a successful Chinese engineer to become a high school math teacher in order to create awareness of the educational crisis in the United States through Poiema Academy .

A Life of Service

One powerful example of a life transformed now impacting others says, “my story has become a lifestyle, a conscious decision to choose a life of service which speaks to character and substance. The challenge is to continue to care about the quality of life that others are living and ensure I am helping those who are hurting by being the example of a life that has been turned around and approved by my creator.?

Collaborate 317 was created as a funding source to support Hope Center Indy. Pastor Hubert Nolen and his son David had a dream to rescue woman from human trafficking. A desire to dramatically impact the lives of victimized women came from the desire to serve and edify others. The Hope Center was birthed from Collaborate 317 utilizing the financial education shared freely by COFFE-Community Outreach for Financial Education.

Hope Center Indy recently opened their doors as a faith-based holistic aftercare refuge to women survivors of Human Sex Trafficking. One man’s dream to serve others has come full circle to become the largest facility of its kind in the world…in less than two years!

With no funds, just a burning desire for massive positive social impact, God has provided for every need of the Hope Center Indy. It is a place of miracles, staffed by hundreds of volunteers with donations arriving in countless semi-trailers.

Amplify Hope has the same dream multiplied by 50 non-profits. What started as the dream of a few committed men and women has the potential to change the world. Will you join us as we make history? Will you be our partner in creating massive positive social impact? Get on board with us NOW!

Pick Your Number – Join Us to Make History

We value every donated dollar. Our current campaign welcomes the single dollar donation up to $250. Pick your number. Commemorate turning 40 this year by donating $40. Celebrating 26 years of marriage, donate $26. Love football jersey 18, donate $18 in his honor. This is our inaugural fund raiser for Amplify Hope. Every name of every supporter to this grass roots initiative will be etched on a banner to be placed in our non-profit incubator to commemorate all those who catch the vision and get on board to make history and change the world.

We are bringing hope to those written off by society, empowering people with entrepreneurial desires and skills. There is a diversity of gifts, skills and resources we are willing to share to edify one another and glorify God within the communities we serve.

This is Amplify Hope

This is where you get on board

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

Location:?4202 N EMS Blvd, Suite 180, Greenfield, IN 46140. 1 mile north of? I-70 on Mount Comfort Road.


Facebook Page:? Collaborate 317

Stop by for a visit. ? Take up residence. ? ? Change the world.

Polly Riddell writing as?G. Polly Jordan?is the resident storyteller for Collaborate 317 and Amplify Hope. Stay tuned for an inside look at the businesses and charitable enterprises operating and incubating at?Collaborate 317.? Let me write YOUR story. The Story Teller


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