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Water for Good is a charity tackling water poverty in one of the world?s most forgotten countries, the Central African Republic ? CAR. Water for Good is a Christian, faith-based organization demonstrating Jesus? example to show unconditional love to the poor and oppressed of any faith. Most people have never heard of the Central African Republic. It is a landlocked country in Central Africa bordered by the Congo, Sudan, and the Sahara. It is rich in diamonds, gold, oil, and uranium but it is one of the world?s poorest populations, and there is virtually no clean water to drink.

So-Mark is Invested

So-Mark is making clean water an integral part of their cause and mission by partnering with Water For Good.Jim Anthony, Founder of So-Mark, is on the Board of Directors of Water for Good. So-Mark donates a portion of their profits to fund the Well-Drilling initiative. You can share the impact too. Five dollars deliver clean water for one person per year.

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Started by a Missionary Kid

Jim Hocking is the Founder of Water For Good. He was a missionary kid in the Central African Republic and spoke the native language before he ever learned English. He followed in his parents? footsteps by attending Grace College and Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana. He returned to the Central African Republic with his wife, and they had four children in CAR. It was a difficult life. The basic needs of the people were unmet; AIDS was ravaging the region with poverty and war creating hopelessness. Out of the blue, a good friend offered to sell his well-drilling business to Jim if he would run it as a non-profit. Jim had no idea how to drill a well or run a non-profit. There are 4.7 million people who live in the CAR. They collect dirty water every day walking an over an hour hauling heavy 44 pound jugs. Jim said ?My attitude had changed by seeing the struggle these villages were having with healthcare issues. Kids were dying really young and it was tragic. I realized this is what God was asking me to do, and I needed to figure out how.

The Key-Sustainability

Getting a well drilled is only the first step. In time the well pumps would inevitably break. Sustainability was the key to success of any well, and the locals could not depend on Westerners for well maintenance. Jim Hocking built relationships with the locals to empower the community on a long-term basis. When people have power over their well, they begin to assert the same power in their life choices. This new-found power began the country?s transformation. Local citizens have drilled more than 680 new wells and are maintaining 1,000 water pumps in the CAR. Over a half million people are drinking fresh water every day. They are staying healthy and can generate more income, and they are making a difference in their communities ? for good.

It Is Time To End Water Poverty

Water poverty affects every aspect of life. Waterborne illness can cause death. People spend hours collecting water instead of improving their life. Lack of clean water and proper sanitation kill more people than all forms of violence including war. This is a great tragedy since we have the technology and knowledge to solve this problem. By 2030, we will end water poverty for every man, woman, and child in one of the world?s most underdeveloped and forgotten countries. Working alongside local government and entrepreneurs, we are making a lasting improvement in the lives of the poorest people on the planet. If we succeed here, it is possible anywhere.

You Can Help

The generosity of any amount makes a REAL difference! With every donation of $5, YOU can deliver a year of clean water for one person in Central Africa.

  • Partner with Water For Good in your business.
  • Fulfill your life?s legacy by including Water For Good in your estate plans.
  • Make a recurring donation.
  • Volunteer or even take a vision trip.
  • Sponsor a Village Well ? raise $480 to sponsor a village water pump for a year.
  • Co-Fund a New Water Well ? Fundraise $3,000 and bring life-saving clean water access to a whole community.

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Jim Anthony
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