Something old, new, borrowed, BLUE

My God-Daughter Kirbie is getting married! I vividly remember the blustery day we drove to northern Indiana to attend the wedding of her friend Sarah. Kirbie had never even had a date (and that prom event in those six inch heels on her already 5’10” frame does not count.) Sensing her inner turmoil at watching her beautiful friend marry the godly man of her dreams and wondering if it would ever be her turn, I turned to her in that bizarre Air bnb we rented and we held hands and prayed. We prayed for a godly man who would cherish Kirbie and love her until the end of time.

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2020 Retrospective

How many people would say they thrived in 2020? Isolation looked good on me. I wrote a book, took control of my health, created a cook book and changed careers, again. New friends were made, exhilarating experiences were had and bucket list items checked. It is that time of year for a “look back” with a little holy anticipation for the future. Let’s begin shall we?

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Set The Captives Free-A Prayer For Jean

With Mother's Day fast approaching, our hearts go out to our mothers and grandmothers we have not seen for weeks going on months thanks to the pandemic. Many are actually held hostage in solitary confinement in nursing facilities. But what would you do if your mother was the pawn in a family feud that purposely isolated her for years against her will in a nursing home? What happens when power and greed are so totally pervasive that others are intimidated and threatened if they act? What would you think when those charged with protecting the rights of the elderly are circumvented at every turn and family members are destroyed one-by-one by extraordinary evil, corruption and abuse of power? Continue reading “Set The Captives Free-A Prayer For Jean”

For the Least of These

Jerry Mbokani is my refugee son from Africa. The COVID-19 shutdown in Uganda where he is currently exiled has hit the urban refugee community in ways few of us can possibly imagine. If you are a refugee in the city, you work and then you eat. With all industry shut down, the refugee does not eat. All transportation in Uganda has been shut down as well. It is an impossible situation short of the miraculous provision by people who are the hands and feet of a living God. Continue reading “For the Least of These”

Beauty in the World Remains Constant

I have a dear friend who attended high school with me. He is an outstanding photographer and one of the finest men I know. Once “social distancing” started and he was unable to continue his business travel, he started posting some of his favorite photos and tells stories about them. I wanted to share his posts but he is very private and does not like the spotlight. I asked if I could put his travelogue into my blog and keep him anonymous . He agreed to that! He and his lovely wife live in Bend Oregon which is stunning in itself.
I asked him if he would continue this posting and sharing until he ran out of stunning photos. He has not told me no! So I am hoping this compilation will inspire him to put these in book form once this pandemic is over. No matter what, I will have an amazing collection from a most talented friend. He honored me by telling me that my storytelling/photography is what inspired him. He has always been the gentleman. Continue reading “Beauty in the World Remains Constant”

Through My Eyes

I did not go looking for a refugee family in Africa to adopt. They found me. It started as just an ordinary writing assignment for an ever curious storyteller and blossomed into a life altering relationship orchestrated by the ONE who answers our prayers. The thing is, I had never prayed to adopt a refugee family from Africa. God, what are you up to? Continue reading “Through My Eyes”