Sydney Nicholas – Graphic Artist

I contacted International Business College looking for a recent graduate to bail me out of the stumbling block I reached in designing the new website for Building Blessing & Beyond. The receptionist laughed when I told her I worked for IBC about a hundred years ago back in the day when we delivered an informative presentation to high school students recruiting for the business college. Continue reading “Sydney Nicholas – Graphic Artist”

Sewer Angels

And this is how the story unfolded…

I had a sump pump problem and I asked for help on Facebook.  My friend Todd Taylor of Taylor Mechanical helped me with the problem.  He runs a heating and cooling business but he continues to get sucked into my many plumbing issues as he is simply a decent guy.

that gentle nudge

A Facebook friend who I did not know asked if I could refer my plumber as she was in desperate need.  There came that gentle nudge that said I needed to help this woman.  Continue reading “Sewer Angels”