Brickhouse Coffee Co

As missionaries in Spain, the Stayton’s saw the need for a vocational skill to offer opportunity and financial support to missionaries.  Doing coffee with passion, purpose and people allows Brickhouse Coffee Co. a connection to community through personal relationships.  Coffee is the international vehicle Brickhouse Coffee Co. uses to provide training to equip ministry partners with a sustainable income and provide more open doors on the mission field. Continue reading “Brickhouse Coffee Co”

The Storyteller’s Story – G. Polly Jordan

For years, Polly has written stories and photographed people and places she finds intriguing.  A venturous spirit with a spunky style, she laughs as she reads Webster’s definition of adventure… a bold, usually risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome.  “Nothing describes my life more than a risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome.” Polly says, “Think about it, everything you do is a risky undertaking from starting a business, to getting married to following Christ.  It all carries a certain degree of risk.” Continue reading “The Storyteller’s Story – G. Polly Jordan”

Let Me Write Your Story

Storytelling is a powerful technique for building relationships.

Let me write YOUR story to promote you and your business by telling a memorable story which connects emotionally with the reader.

Commemorate a special anniversary, engagement, wedding, retirement or event which calls for a story to pass down through the ages.

Compelling stories give big voices to small ventures.

The human connection is the heart and soul of business. Continue reading “Let Me Write Your Story”

Sydney Nicholas – Graphic Artist

I contacted International Business College looking for a recent graduate to bail me out of the stumbling block I reached in designing the new website for Building Blessing & Beyond. The receptionist laughed when I told her I worked for IBC about a hundred years ago back in the day when we delivered an informative presentation to high school students recruiting for the business college. Continue reading “Sydney Nicholas – Graphic Artist”

Sewer Angels

And this is how the story unfolded…

I had a sump pump problem and I asked for help on Facebook.  My friend Todd Taylor of Taylor Mechanical helped me with the problem.  He runs a heating and cooling business but he continues to get sucked into my many plumbing issues as he is simply a decent guy.

that gentle nudge

A Facebook friend who I did not know asked if I could refer my plumber as she was in desperate need.  There came that gentle nudge that said I needed to help this woman.  Continue reading “Sewer Angels”