Benevolent Offerings Bring Abundant Blessings

My heart burst with joy as I saw Jerry’s creative blue flyer in front of all fifty members of the CIRA organization.  CIRA is the Central Indiana Realtist Association, and they support the underserved in terms of home ownership.  Jerry is my friend who is a refugee in Uganda in exile for the last eleven years.  I am a story teller and connect people through the stories they tell.  I believe God for the miraculous. Continue reading “Benevolent Offerings Bring Abundant Blessings”

Dr. Mark Eckel-The Comenius Institute

“I don’t want you to believe anything I teach you.  I want you to go back to scripture to see if it is so.” While Mark Eckel is a professor of Christian Theology, he says “my job is not to convince or convict anyone of anything.  I am not in the eternal judgement business.” He is struck by the idea that passion needs wisdom as he comes alongside students encouraging them to draw wisdom from scripture in order to find their place of truth in the world. Continue reading “Dr. Mark Eckel-The Comenius Institute”

Exile-Jerry’s Story

My friend Jerry is a family man who loves his wife and his four children. He genuinely cares for others and demonstrates it by taking in a foster child, providing a home for his younger sister and he works with neighborhood youth in a Christian organization he founded.  He has studied Accounting and Information Technology.  As with most families, money is tight and he worries about providing for his family.  He uses social media much like the rest of us and that is how we met…on Facebook.   But if you know me, there is adventure, intrigue and a backstory that will keep you hanging on to the edge of your seat.

Jerry is living in exile as a refugee in Uganda.  In the blink of an eye, life for Jerry became unimaginable.  His determination and perseverance is inspiring.  He is my brother in Christ and he has become my friend.  This is Jerry’s story. Continue reading “Exile-Jerry’s Story”

Shawnee Wilson-Victory and Freedom From Sex-Trafficking

Human trafficking is real, it is raw and it started in the home at the shocking age of six for Shawnee Wilson. She currently lives at Hope Center Indy, a Christ-centered residential campus committed to healing the personal  and building the professional lives of women coming out of human trafficking. For the first time in twenty-seven years, Shawnee is safe, she is free and she just met Jesus. Continue reading “Shawnee Wilson-Victory and Freedom From Sex-Trafficking”

Hope Center Indy-Miracles of Provision-Part 2

The story began when the Lord gave Pastor Hubert Nolen a promise and the result manifested as The Hope Center Indy. When God plants a dream, He provides the way. A God-sized dream generally requires miracles on the order of parting the Red Sea. God shows up with miracle after miracle to confirm it is indeed His show. Standard Operating Procedure at Hope Center is “Let’s pray and then wait until Monday and see what God will do.” Continue reading “Hope Center Indy-Miracles of Provision-Part 2”

Hope Center Indy-When God Makes A Promise-Part 1

God has been making promises to Pastor Hubert Nolen since 1976 when Luke 4:18 proclaimed “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free.” Pastor Nolen planted churches and ministered to the captives in Brazil, Haiti, India, Israel, Cuba and Kentucky, yes even Kentucky. He planted Brookville Road Christian Church in 1983 and pastored there for 32 years. Continue reading “Hope Center Indy-When God Makes A Promise-Part 1”

10 Weeks to a High-Demand Job

Employers in Indianapolis have over 14,000 jobs they are unable to fill in high demand industries.  Governor Holcomb is solving this dilemma by offering educational grants through the “Next Level Jobs” initiative.  These training dollars are FREE and easy to obtain.  The training allows individuals to begin making $35-37,000 starting salary.   Enhance your future free of charge. Continue reading “10 Weeks to a High-Demand Job”

From Homeless to Hope

This is a Christmas to remember for Charlene Cope.  She moves into her own home after a year of homelessness and shelters.  She will be able to pay her rent in her new duplex because she has just completed a 10-week training program and will soon test for CompTIA A+ certification to obtain one of the 14,000 IT (Information Technology) jobs available in Indianapolis. Continue reading “From Homeless to Hope”