Shawnee Wilson-Victory and Freedom From Sex-Trafficking

Human trafficking is real, it is raw and it started in the home at the shocking age of six for Shawnee Wilson. She currently lives at Hope Center Indy, a Christ-centered residential campus committed to healing the personal  and building the professional lives of women coming out of human trafficking. For the first time in twenty-seven years, Shawnee is safe, she is free and she just met Jesus. Continue reading “Shawnee Wilson-Victory and Freedom From Sex-Trafficking”

Kathleen Coleman-Miss Sophia’s House

Sophia grew up in rural Mississippi as the youngest of 13 children.  Her mother died when she was just three months old.  Her oldest sister, barely 13, was thrust into the caregiver role while working in the cotton fields and attending school whenever she could.  Sophia’s father was a gambler and when he was unable to pay his gambling debts, he used his own daughters as payment. Continue reading “Kathleen Coleman-Miss Sophia’s House”