From Homeless to Hope

This is a Christmas to remember for Charlene Cope.  She moves into her own home after a year of homelessness and shelters.  She will be able to pay her rent in her new duplex because she has just completed a 10-week training program and will soon test for CompTIA A+ certification to obtain one of the 14,000 IT (Information Technology) jobs available in Indianapolis.

Charlene knew she needed to do something different.  At age 58, she started driving and God took over the GPS sending her to Indianapolis.  She lived out of her vehicle, but when her truck was stolen, she was literally out on the streets.  She found hope and help at Barnes United Methodist Church.  The doors were open and she was welcomed. Louis House Helping Hands, Inc. was Charlene’s place of refuge and helped her secure short-term shelter.

Opportunities poured out requiring Charlene to apply herself and work hard making the most of every blessing.  She qualified for the State of Indiana, Next Level Grant program.  New Beginnings Computer Training, LLC offers certification programs for the most in-demand jobs in Indiana.  Charlene picked the 10-week CompTIA A+ training program which will give her Information Technology experience with computer motherboards, memory, processors, video, storage media and devices, printers, operating systems, networking, virtualization, mobile devices, security and more.  The CompTIA A+ certification assures employers and computer owners that a PC technician has the knowledge to build, upgrade, optimize, troubleshoot and repair personal computer system.

New Beginnings Computer Training also offers a 16-week Accounting Certification program for QuickBooks Pro and Microsoft Office Specialist through The Next Level Grant program.  These programs are offered completely FREE for Indiana residents who are 18 years or older who have a  High School diploma or GED and no official college degree.  For those with a degree who need this training, there is an option through Adult Education in which New Beginnings can offer assistance.

Charlene moves in to a newly refurbished one-bedroom duplex as an early Christmas present with the help from the Homeless Initiative Program,  She has also secured health insurance.  She has arranged for an internship to fully re-enforce her new skills in Information Technology and to provide experience for her new resume.  She was baptized at the church who welcomed her with open arms and has been richly blessed by a loving heavenly Father who loves her and is with her through every trial and every victory.

Radio Interview HB Bell of speaking with Charlene Cope (who does not want to be photographed,) and Josh Mills instructor at New Beginnings Computer Training.

This is the entire radio show (including smooth jazz interludes):

Radio Interview with Charlene Cope (student) and Josh Mills (Instructor) New Beginnings Computer Training


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