In Search of a Job for Polly

Within days of turning 62, Polly Riddell is in need of a job and still needs to work to support herself.  When asked what sort of work she is interested in, well this reveals the challenge and opportunity.  A car accident and head injury in 2006 took away her profession as a commercial real estate appraiser and left her with a few sensory issues.  These are not so obvious to the casual observer.  She speaks and writes well, is outgoing, welcoming, loves listening to your story and is quick to connect you with someone of benefit.  She is always on time and totally dependable. Continue reading “In Search of a Job for Polly”

Kathleen Coleman-Miss Sophia’s House

Sophia grew up in rural Mississippi as the youngest of 13 children.  Her mother died when she was just three months old.  Her oldest sister, barely 13, was thrust into the caregiver role while working in the cotton fields and attending school whenever she could.  Sophia’s father was a gambler and when he was unable to pay his gambling debts, he used his own daughters as payment. Continue reading “Kathleen Coleman-Miss Sophia’s House”

Keith Thompson Knifemaker-Blind Hog Blades Documentary

Opening my mailbox to the latest issue of Cowboys and Indians magazine is almost like a religious experience.  Gingerly turning page after page savoring all the western flavor, I stopped cold on the page showcasing the most beautiful pocket knife I had ever laid eyes on.  The headline said “Every Man Has A Story.”   The ad went on to describe an ancient Japanese layering technique called Makume Gane, a Spruce pine cone handle and a Damascus Steel blade.  All combined to honor the layers and depth of extraordinary men.

But wait, I am a woman. I have an amazing story and in fact, I am a storyteller.  I needed my own knife to reflect my layers and depth because I believe I am an extraordinary woman. Continue reading “Keith Thompson Knifemaker-Blind Hog Blades Documentary”

Christina Clark-Clark’s Disability Advocacy-Business Spotlight

Christina Clark is tenacious, determined, persistent, relentless, steadfast, strong-willed, stubborn and unshakable.  You want her as your personal pit bull when fighting for disability benefits.  She has personally experienced every aspect of disability discrimination and she is ready to fight for you.

Continue reading “Christina Clark-Clark’s Disability Advocacy-Business Spotlight”

Dream Home With No Monthly Mortgage Payment

Would a new, beautiful, open concept home interest you if you could build one with no mortgage payments?  There is a new loan for people 62 and older called the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for Purchase (HECM) to help you do just that.  Use the equity from the sale of your current home, or buy with a cash payment of about half what a new home costs.  It is a new strategy to increase your purchasing power and to significantly reduce your monthly out-of-pocket expenses. Continue reading “Dream Home With No Monthly Mortgage Payment”

Multiline Insurance Agency-Partnership with Lenders and Realtors

The first Business Spotlight story for MultiLine Insurance Agency – Vanessa and Darren Stringer resulted in one of my most favorite stories, Vanessa’s journey from Brazil to America..  It was also one of the most widely read stories.  Click for Vanessa’s Story  And while Vanessa’s story is amazing, heartwarming and tells the story of how she became an American success story, it did not really talk about the insurance business or Darren! Continue reading “Multiline Insurance Agency-Partnership with Lenders and Realtors”