Multiline Insurance Agency-Partnership with Lenders and Realtors

The first Business Spotlight story for MultiLine Insurance Agency – Vanessa and Darren Stringer resulted in one of my most favorite stories, Vanessa’s journey from Brazil to America..  It was also one of the most widely read stories.  Click for Vanessa’s Story  And while Vanessa’s story is amazing, heartwarming and tells the story of how she became an American success story, it did not really talk about the insurance business or Darren! Continue reading “Multiline Insurance Agency-Partnership with Lenders and Realtors”

Rick Williams-Stellar Homes-Urban Bible Theater

Rick Williams grew up a manipulating hustler in the streets of Chicago.  He met Jesus and transformed his hustle to the theater as he writes and acts in his own play “The Hustler” at Urban Bible Theater, Indianapolis.  The play is the riveting Bible story of Jacob tricking his brother Esau out of his birthright.  It is told in every day urban language.  A self-proclaimed former thug challenges all to hear God’s voice and to put God’s values to work in our lives. Continue reading “Rick Williams-Stellar Homes-Urban Bible Theater”

Andy Dix-Executive Business Coach-Business Spotlight

What comes to mind when you think of an Executive Business Coach?  “I hope I never need one!” or “That is the last resort to fix a broken executive before s/he is fired.”    Suppose you are an exceptional employee but the only motivation your boss gives is to find a new job at a different company.  The number one reason people leave their job is because they cannot get along with their boss.  Employee frustration and a high turnover rate is surely indicative of the need for executive coaching.  The cost of turnover is more than 5 times the annual total compensation and the loss in productivity is debilitating. Continue reading “Andy Dix-Executive Business Coach-Business Spotlight”

Renita Hills – Voice of the Victim

Her husband stabbed her 13 times in front of their 5-year-old daughter.  In 2002, Renita Hills was sliced head to toe requiring 150 staples and stitches to put her back together.  Four stabs to the chest punctured her lungs, her face was sliced on the side, front and back. Stabs and slashes to her shoulder affected her ability to use her hands.  The stab along her spine was within millimeters of taking her out. Three days later Renita regained consciousness fighting for her life.  It was the first time she had been physically assaulted, but abuse in her relationship existed for over fifteen years.  Continue reading “Renita Hills – Voice of the Victim”

Water For Good – Business Spotlight

Water for Good is a charity tackling water poverty in one of the world’s most forgotten countries, the Central African Republic – CAR. Water for Good is a Christian, faith-based organization demonstrating Jesus’ example to show unconditional love to the poor and oppressed of any faith. Most people have never heard of the Central African Republic. It is a landlocked country in Central Africa bordered by the Congo, Sudan, and the Sahara. It is rich in diamonds, gold, oil, and uranium but it is one of the world’s poorest populations, and there is virtually no clean water to drink. Continue reading “Water For Good – Business Spotlight”

So-Mark “Social Marketing” – Business Spotlight

Successful marketing requires strategy, tools, tactics, expertise, and people. It also involves execution with consistency over time. Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Oracle, and EMC have the budgets and the technology to do all of these things. Jim Anthony, Founder of So-Mark, knows this from spending 30 years selling for these top companies. Throughout his career, he became enamored with sales and marketing technology but wanted to make it available and affordable to small businesses and non-profits. So-Mark, a mashup of “social” + “marketing” combines email marketing, content curation, blogging and social media to “leverage technology to help small businesses grow.” Continue reading “So-Mark “Social Marketing” – Business Spotlight”

Ichiban Sushi Bar and Asian Cuisine-Business Spotlight

Ichiban Sushi Bar and Asian Cuisine is a sushi sensation on Indy’s Southside.  Countless exceptional reviews tell the story of Sammy and his wife Bonnie who opened the restaurant in 2006.  Sammy (who was born in China) is a very friendly and outgoing person and seems to know everyone and he also knew it was important to have an easy to pronounce American name! Continue reading “Ichiban Sushi Bar and Asian Cuisine-Business Spotlight”

Military Maintenance of Circle City-Business Spotlight

What happens when a long-standing military veteran is injured and must start life over as a civilian?  He becomes a “Vet”preneur.    At age 43, Douglas Chace had just completed a physical fitness test in Kabul, Afghanistan where he tested out as “a meat eating carnivore-a straight savage.”  He was outdistancing the 20 year olds that worked for him.  In his 18 year military career, he held every rank from Private to Major.  He went from the best shape of his life on July 4, 2013 to being broken and militarily “unusable” four days later.  Four years later he rebuilt his life not merely to survive but to thrive in the world as a self-employed civilian.  He is the “Commanding Officer” in his own family owned and operated veteran centric endeavor called Military Maintenance of Circle City – a higher level of clean. Continue reading “Military Maintenance of Circle City-Business Spotlight”