Transformation Movement-Authentic, Passionate, Purpose

When all hope is gone, when you think you are worthless, when you think you have been left behind, God holds the power to transform any situation.  Brokenness can happen even to pastors.  Steve Nanney knows this first hand.  He had been a pastor for 20 years and reached what he thought was the end of the line for ministry as he experienced the scourge and stigma of divorce.  “I gave up on myself before anyone else had the chance,” said Pastor Steve. Continue reading “Transformation Movement-Authentic, Passionate, Purpose”

Emerson House Assisted Living-Business Spotlight

Emerson House is an assisted living home located in Perry Township on the south side of Indianapolis.  It provides an opportunity for older adults to live in a family-like atmosphere while receiving the basic assisted living services of meals, transportation and housekeeping.  It is owned by Paul and Kathy Brakke and built under the business name Indianapolis Senior Living. Continue reading “Emerson House Assisted Living-Business Spotlight”

Watson and Madisyn George – No Ordinary Love

It was a mystery surrounding his mother’s death when the little Haitian boy was just two years old.  She was either murdered or she was sick, but no matter the cause, Watson found himself abandoned at age 4 or maybe it was 5.  It is hard to remember when you are malnourished and beaten regularly by your alcoholic father.  Christian missionaries found Watson and his beloved sister CeCe in a dilapidated hut nearly dead from starvation and they were placed in separate orphanages. Continue reading “Watson and Madisyn George – No Ordinary Love”

Vanessa and Darren Stringer-MultiLine Insurance Agency Business Spotlight

The first Business Spotlight story for MultiLine Insurance Agency – Vanessa and Darren Stringer resulted in one of my most favorite stories, Vanessa’s journey from Brazil to America..  It was also one of the most widely read stories.  Click for Vanessa’s Story  And while Vanessa’s story is amazing, heartwarming and tells the story of how she became an American success story, it did not really talk about the insurance business or Darren! Continue reading “Vanessa and Darren Stringer-MultiLine Insurance Agency Business Spotlight”

Indianapolis Senior Living – Business Spotlight

Paul and Kathy Brakke had always wanted to own a business where they could work together.  As they approached retirement, Paul and Kathy designed the perfect home for senior living.  Not only did they create an extraordinary home for themselves, but they created a family living home for the elderly which is also their business.  Paul and Kathy own and operate Emerson House, a non-medical assisted-living home.  Nothing like it exists as they blazed new trails with the concept of a faith-based family style living for the elderly.  It is a shared home where seniors are nurtured by the companionship of other people.  Residents become members of the family enjoying exceptional personalized services and amenities, living life to its fullest potential. Continue reading “Indianapolis Senior Living – Business Spotlight”

Southside Christian School – Curriculum Dipped in Jesus

Southside Christian School is a hidden gem on the south edge of Indianapolis.  Most likely you have not heard of the school as there are no funds for advertising, in fact there are barely funds for teachers and most of the teachers work for free or nearly free.  Pastor Steve Nanney, school Principal says, “we are all bi-vocational.  We each have a paying job which allows us to volunteer our time teaching  in order to give a Christian education to all those who seek it.   Not equal giving but equal sacrifice.”  Sixty-three children are thriving in classes limited to 12 students for grades 6 – 12.  There are 14 gifted teachers, a principal and countless volunteers who love Christ and these children. Continue reading “Southside Christian School – Curriculum Dipped in Jesus”

Dr. Mark Eckel – Comenius Institute

I did not know Mark Eckel short of one brief encounter the first day I set foot in Collaborate 317.  I was on a tour of the business development center when my tour guide stopped at the Radio Next internet radio station and introduced me to twin brothers Mark Eckel and HB Harold Bell.  Now this had my attention, because one brother was white and one brother was black.  They had just finished their weekly radio show Warp and Woof.  When I asked the subject of their radio show, in unison they said they discussed subjects to bring white and black cultures together.  I knew we would all be fast friends. Continue reading “Dr. Mark Eckel – Comenius Institute”

The Nest Event Center – A Family Affair

The Nest Event Center is the crown jewel in the 2017 renovation of the former Jonathan Byrd Building in Greenwood.  Kristee and Lindel Anderson own The Nest Event Center and are friends of Randy and Julie Faulkner. Randy Faulkner & Associates renovated the entire complex to include Brickhouse Coffee and a growing list of retail and office tenants.  The Nest was chosen as a name to honor the heritage of the Byrd family. Continue reading “The Nest Event Center – A Family Affair”

Frederick Family Chiropractic – Business Spotlight

Since 2006, Donna Cray has been adjusting families to optimal health using natural chiropractic care.  She is from Muncie, Indiana and is the only female chiropractor in Delaware County.  Dr. Donna has a Diplomate degree in Chiropractic Pediatrics.  With only three chiropractors in the state of Indiana with that distinction, she is in demand.  Her specialty is expecting mothers, newborns and children but that should not deter dads from getting adjusted too. Continue reading “Frederick Family Chiropractic – Business Spotlight”

Kathleen Coleman – Miss Sophia’s House

Kathleen is the youngest of 13 children and her mother died when she was just 3 months old.  Her oldest sister was barely 13 and was thrust into the role of caregiver for the younger children while working in the cotton fields of rural Mississippi and attending school whenever she could.  Kathleen’s father was a gambler and when he was unable to pay his gambling debts, he used his own daughters as payment. Continue reading “Kathleen Coleman – Miss Sophia’s House”